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Question #92508 posted on 08/06/2019 10:14 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What do you think are some of the safest movie genres profit wise? Big budget action/superhero/sci-fi franchises are popular in recent years, but even then there are flops among them and since these films are expensive to produce, a failure could be devastating to the studio. Comedies as a genre is toast, I can't come up with any recent hit comedic films. Dramas nowadays are more Oscar baits than money makers. Horror, romance and family oriented animated films are probably the only relatively predictable categories, they can't beat Marvel, but barring the creation of another Gigli, the studios can usually make their money back due to comparatively low production cost and steady consumer demand.



Dear Intellectual Reserve,

What fascinates me about your question is that I cannot tell if you were trying to mention Studio Ghibli, the beloved Japanese animation studio behind such classics as Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, or if you really were bringing up Gigli, the 2003 romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck that was a critical disaster (6% on Rotten Tomatoes!) and is apparently considered one of the worst movies of all time. 

The former would make sense in the context of the paragraph, I guess, since you mentioned family-friendly animation earlier, but Ghibli movies are generally liked and successful? I don’t know. 

On the other hand, Gigli was a disaster, but its inclusion here is confusing because 1) it’s not horror or animation and it’s not what I would typically think of as a straight-up romance and 2) how do you know about this movie? I’d never heard of it before. It just feels like such a specific reference for something so obscure. Fascinating. 

-Frère Rubik

P.S. Disney movies, to answer your question. The reviews for the live action Aladdin and The Lion King have not been favorable, but they make bank anyway. 


Dear Infared,

Sequels and series are by far the most lucrative genre. Avengers Endgame? It was like the sequel to 21 movies. Movies are risky business, so if you have characters that people already know and like they'll be a lot more likely to watch your new movies. Sequels are also incredibly lucrative because building brand identity is great for merchandising.

This is how we end up with Cars 3, Shrek 4, and Ice Age 39 or whatever they got to before they finally stopped. How many times have Superman, Spider-man, or Batman been rebooted? Will the Star Wars saga ever end? Will JK Rowling and co ever leave Harry Potter alone? As long as we keep watching these sequels they will keep coming. Forever. 




Dear person,

Boring movies with the same characters and plots as previously successful movies. Also, movies with lots of hitting.

Cynically, but also accurately,