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Question #92518 posted on 08/05/2019 5:36 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

If you could steal any (up to three) 'nyms (current or retired), which ones would they be and why?



Dear Your Name,

Yellow, for obvious reasons. But if you didn't get it, C O L D P L A Y.

Next, the Magic Conch Shell. Because, while I hate Spongebob, get a real kick out of saying "...no" and would really love being able to take advantage of that power.

And last, ygolohcysP because what a genius nym, also the potential for genius answers is so huge - especially with relationship/advice questions.




Dear If-That-Is-Your-Real-'Nym,

I only need to steal one: The Defenestrator. Once at a board party I explained defenestration to Guesthouse quite enthusiastically. If you don't know, defenestration is basically the greatest verb of all time because it means to push someone backwards out the window of a tall building. When the question hit the inbox Guesthouse put a flagette saying she already knew mine would be The Defenestrator. I defiantly searched through every 'Nym to prove her wrong, but it turns out that it is the best 'Nym of all time.


Have a nice trip. See you next fall.

The Defenestrator II


Dear "'Nym",

Whenever I scrolled through all of the aliases, I always laughed at Eh, Pacha? since...

  1. The sassiness that The Emperor embodies, which makes the movie even greater. (One of my nicknames that my best friend gave me has the word "sass" in it, so I'm all about that life.) One of the main reasons why I love this 'nym. 
  2. My appreciation for the beautifulness of this particular movie has grown since I've gotten older, So I'm quite fond of the Emperor. I could be him!
  3. Overall, the beautiful character development of The Emperor and how he realizes that life isn't all about him and becomes a better person.

Therefore, Eh, Pacha? is an obvious choice.

CATS since I could answer in cat memes!!! Fun fact about me. When I was about three years old I told everyone that I wanted to be a cat when I grew up. But I envisioned myself in an orange cat mascot costume at that age. I wasn't crazy, I didn't think I'd be an actual feline! As I grew up with my best friend, we would roam the church halls on all fours. We'd meow, bite, and lick whoever we wanted to. (I'm surprised my parents weren't more concerned for my well-being.) I think I grew out of this around the age of 7-8? Still obsessed with cats, watch all the cat videos, and will run after any cat I see. Ironically, I married a man who's allergic to cats... 

-Goldie Rose


Dear nameless,

I have to say I absolutely love CATS, because taking an Internet meme from an obscure, ancient video game and turning it into a writer's persona is hilarious to me and exactly the kind of thing I would do if it hadn't been done already. I enjoy weird gaming related-humor to an unreasonable degree (does anybody else remember the "Dreamland challenge" vines?), but I feel like the audience for "clever video game references carried out through a 100 Hour Board pseudonym" has gotta be a pretty small niche, you know? Maybe one day I'll write a short story about 9S and Pod 153 encountering tunnel worms, but today is not that day. I can dream.




Dear person,

I love the 100 Hour Bard, J. Smith, and Terrible Scientist.



Dear 'nymless,

I've always been partial to the 'nym Azriel, mainly because it too is from Terry Pratchett. The other runners up would be Eowyn (Lord of the Rings guys!!!), and Sky Bones (because it makes me think of dragons).