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Question #92522 posted on 08/07/2019 10:02 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at a Wal-Mart?

-Save Money Live Better


Dear Walton,

I hid on the top shelf in the pet area in one of the dog kennels for a date once. I bet that was weird for everyone else to see...

I've seen people full on LARP-ing in the frozen section before. That was pretty weird. Seemed like a D&D type thing, but who knows...




Dear Money,

I saw an obese man on a mobile cart wearing a button down shirt last week.

... Except the shirt was wide open and I saw way more than I needed to see. There's a reason why I keep to myself at Walmart and not try to notice other shoppers.

-Goldie Rose


Live Better,

Joke's on you! I'm the weirdest thing YOU'VE seen at Walmart. It's me. Let me prove it with a story...

Once I saw a mega hottie. Time slowed enough for me to have this inner dialogue like: You gotta stop avoiding eye contact with attractive strangers, you're an adult. Enjoy it. So I let myself stare. Time did not slow enough for me to avoid ramming my cart directly into a clip-strip and knocking down the entire display. I stared too long, got too close to the sun, and now Handsome Stranger was trying (and failing) not to laugh within earshot. Lucky for me, my deductive reasoning skills led me to realize that he was also probably married. He definitely knew I was checking him out and definitely knew I plowed right through the front lines because of him. 

Other than that, it was probably the stanky backwoods Southern Maryland boys just coming back from a hunting trip. Head to toe in both camouflage and blood. And when I say you could smell what they had just accomplished, I mean you could smell exactly what they had just accomplished. 



Dear you,

I once went to a Walmart while dressed as a pioneer in order to purchase a large amount of canned food.