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Question #92526 posted on 08/08/2019 1:30 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Sorry this is long, just looking for some honest opinions for a current dating situation (specifically more from the guy side). Ever since I moved into my current ward a couple months ago this guy has been paying me a lot of attention. He is super nice and attentive, which usually would be awesome except that from the beginning I was like zero percent attracted to him. When he asked me out, I decided to give it a chance and still wasn't really interested after. He asked me out on a date again for tonight and for reasons unknown even to myself, I said yes and decided that this would be the make or break it decision night. It ended up being surprisingly fun, so now I am really confused. I am still not really attracted to him physically, but I enjoyed his company more than I thought I would. If you were him and you knew a girl was feeling that way, would you want her to say yes again to try and see if anything happens? Or would you rather she just turn you down at this point so you can move on? I don't know what the better option is at this point since I have no guarantee that I will become attracted to him and don't want to waste his time.

-Probably already knows the answer but curious


Dear you,

It seems like you're overthinking this. 

You don't need to be making the decision about whether or not you want to be in a relationship with this guy. All you need to decide is whether you want to go on another date or not. 



Dear you,

If you had fun, then I don't see why you wouldn't want to go again. Not everything revolves around physical attraction. I also agree that you are overthinking this way too much.

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear you,

Maybe it's the beet farm years speaking but when I get asked on a date I think "Do I want to do that thing?" and if I don't want to, I do not do that thing. If I want to go then I go!

That being said, I have dated a few guys hoping I would become more attracted down the line and I never ever have. I think it could be possible but he would have to be drop dead hilarious and endlessly kind (somehow I feel like a terrible person saying this.) 

You don't have to know anything right now. If you're still curious I think you should go! 



Dear Answer,

You don't owe him another date (really, no one owes anyone a date) so if you don't want to go then don't feel like you have to.

As a guy, I personally appreciate it when girls are honest about their feelings and tell me when they aren't interested. I can't promise how he'll react, but it is good to know if you're not interested. If you are a little bit interested or think you might be interested then I don't think that you going on another date with him would be leading him on.

I agree with Anathema and Babalugats. You don't need to make any long term decisions, you can just worry about whether or not to go out with him again.

Hope this helps!