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Dear 100 Hour Board,

I'm training for a 100-mile bike ride in September, and I need ideas of some good places to ride in Utah County for practice. I don't like riding on the road with cars because I have a friend who died doing that, so it scares me. And obviously the trails need to be more than a few miles long-- riding a 5-mile round trip isn't really going to help me build up to 100.

I always do the Murdock Canal trail or the Provo River trail up the canyon, so I'm getting kind of tired of those. Are there any other long trails in the area? The Provo River trail leading out to Utah Lake is currently closed for construction, so that's out.

I thought there was a trail that goes around Utah Lake, but if it does exist, I can't seem to find where to access it. If it does exist, how do I get to it? If it doesn't, are there other long trails in the area I could use?

-Ready to Ride


Dear Flynn Rider, 

Mayhaps you are referring to the Utah Lake Shoreline trail? That article has a rundown of the plan for the trail and (as of 2017) how much of it was completed. It's slated to be a 98.2 mile trail, but as far as I can tell, it's not done yet. If you use this link you can see the existing parts of the trail in brown, and the planned parts in pink. According to the Utah Lake Commission, there are currently three access points, one at the Utah Lake State Park (you can find it on the map), one at Powell Slough in Orem, and (from what I can see on the map) a few points along Vineyard Road. 

If you're looking for a long trail, I'd look into the Bonneville Shoreline trail. Currently stretching 280 miles, it should be more than sufficient for your needs. You'll have to plan out a route based on your own needs, but Google has a list of many of the trailheads/access points. 



posted on 08/18/2019 8:33 p.m.
This 100-mile bike ride is most likely going to be on the road. The Bonneville Shoreline trail is a single-track dirt trail. While this could help build up your legs it is not likely the best choice for training. Here are some other suggestions. None of these are close and would require driving there or biking there on the road.

There is a dirt road on the west side of Deer Creek Reservoir between Soldier Hollow and the damn. This is 7.6 miles long. It is closed to motorized traffic. Dirt and Hills, but no traffic. I'v seen road bikes on it. OK, I've seen one road bike on it☺. You could ride there by getting on the road after Vivian Park in Provo Canyon, but that is a busy road. You could also walk along the rail road tracks, but that is a long walk.

Jordan River Parkway Trail. This is a 40 mile trail and links to the Murdock Canal Trail. UDOT is currently doing construction on the Timpanogos Highway underpass in Lehi, so getting to it from the Canal trail may require a detour of riding on the road a bit. I think you need to go down to Triumph Boulevard to cross. I’m not sure where it connects to The Parkway Train from there, but Google Maps can likely help.

West side of Utah Lake. 12800 West St. This is a road, but it should have little traffic. You drive out to the south end of Saratoga Springs to start. It looks like you have about 24 miles to the next house. No real support or convenience stores out there though.

There is a walking/bike trail up Hobble Creek Canyon too. When you get past the golf course you can ride on the road and up the left fork of the canyon. This is common. Light traffic I think.

I use https://www.gmap-pedometer.com/ to get mileage and ideas. You could also look at going with a club. Some clubs go fast though, typically 17 to 18 MPH. That is way too fast for me.

Good luck on the Century ride.