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Question #92531 posted on 08/12/2019 9:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are your favorite desserts?

-Le Cake


Dear Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake,

The ones I shouldn't eat.

Candy Crunch Pie -- This is the dessert that I make that impresses everyone (especially my boss) and it's super easy to make. 

This Cake -- Also something I asked for my birthday but ixnayed the sweet condensed milk. 

Cheesecake -- Best cheesecake and it's cheap and comes from a box! I asked for this for my birthday a couple years ago. All of my siblings-in-law were so surprised that it came from a box after they ate it. My father-in-law said he liked the cheesecake better than the cake he had in the fridge from a bakery.

-Goldie Rose


Dear person,

I love Nanaimo bars, chocolate mousse, and fancy chocolates above all other desserts. But I still love other desserts. Honorable mentions go to high quality ice cream, cookies, and chocolate cake.



Dear Cake Sniffer,

Cheesecake definitely takes the cake (see what I did there?), but I also really love creme brulee and Tillamook mudslide ice cream. Pro tip: the best cheesecake to be found in Utah (or at least that I've found in Utah) is served at the Art City Trolley in Springville. Go try it and thank me later.



Dear Marie, 

Unsurprisingly, CINNAMON ROLLS. 

I also love cheesecake, key lime pie, lemon bars, and I totally agree with Sheebs about the Nanaimo Bars. 




Deer reader, o' Bambi;

Ice cream is my favorite dessert, but I was hugely suprised when créme brûlée tied with it. Sugar, cream, and a caramelized sugar layer?

Not too shabby.


--Ardilla Feroz


Dear Le Cake,

Cinnamon rolls are maybe the greatest food of all time but they still aren't as good as this kind of roll.



Dear Le,

I have a massive sweet tooth, so I really am down for almost any type of sugary goodness. However, I have three categories of dessert that are my most favorite (I'll consistently choose these over other types) - cookies, fudge, and doughnuts.

Cookies - My favorites of all time are a kind that I think my mom invented. They're oatmeal/raisin/peanut butter/chocolate chip. They are literally the best. I grew up calling them Mama's Breakfast Cookies because she would make them for breakfast on our birthdays, but my friends have taken to calling them Trail Mix cookies because that's kind of easier to explain. My second favorite comes from a chain of gas stations in the Midwest called Casey's General Store (spoiler- this is not the last time I'm going to talk about Casey's in this answer). They have chocolate chunks, pecan pieces, and pockets of caramel. They're supremely moist and delicious. Other than those two, I'm always a sucker for a good classic chocolate chip cookie, though I will happily chow down on almost any kind of cookie.

Fudge - This one is partially nostalgia and partially deliciousness. There's a family back in my home ward that goes all out and makes tons and tons of fudge to give out at Christmas. Her fudge is the smoothest and most delicious I've ever had, and it never lasted long in our house. There's also the Fudge Factory in Nauvoo that makes some quality fudge that is very good as well. Trips to the temple were always accompanied by a stop to get one of those little white boxes full of fudge...mmmmm.....

Doughnuts - This is the big one, y'all. If I had to choose my favorite dessert of all time, it would be doughnuts. I'm a big fan of your standard maple bars and glazed rings, etc. However, there is one doughnut that looms far above all others in my taste memory - Casey's cake doughnuts. I can almost hear your jeers - Cake doughnuts from a random gas station? Really? Yes, really really. They're perfectly soft and light, but they also contain a hint of mace (the spice, not the weapon) that puts them absolutely above all others. They come with chocolate, vanilla, or maple frosting; all are good, but maple is my favorite. This is one of the biggest things I miss about the Midwest specifically, no joke. I have tried every cake doughnut in every grocery store I could find, but they all come up short. The best of the ones available out here are WinCo's maple cake doughnuts - they're very similar in texture without nailing the taste.

I know I went way overboard on this answer, but what can I say? I'm passionate about sweets and I'm ready for further discussion to come.

-Quixotic Kid


Dear Marie-Antoinette,

Is this an offer?

Chocolate or mint Oreo ice cream, berry pie, pretty much any dense cake, and fudge are some pretty good go-to's. I also really like my dad's chocolate mousse that he makes for special occasions. I can definitely second Goldie's approval of Jello cheesecake. That is my dad's favorite kind, too. 



Dear Cake,

Cheesecake. Every flavor of cheesecake imaginable. If I could eat cheesecake everyday I would die happy (which would probably be in a few years due to how fatty they are).

-guppy of doom


Dear cake,

I'm one of those people who doesn't much like the word "favorite" because it's so hard to point to just one thing (or, in this case, just a few things--I must admit I have a truly awful sweet tooth).

You've forced my hand, though, so since I've no choice but to name names, I'm a sucker for pizookies (especially with ice cream) and cake pops. Really, just about fresh and warm dessert paired with ice cream is enough for me, whether it's a pizookie, a brownie, a cookie, or a slice of cake, but pizookies win because they're the closest to eating hot semisolid cookie dough, which, aside from a visitation of angels, is probably the closest mortal experience one can have to eternal bliss in the divine presence. 

As for cake pops: they're everything there is to love about cake with virtually none of the messiness! Plus the fact that they're bite-size or close to it makes them easier to eat in amounts that are enormous concerning potentially putting one at risk of early onset diabetes smaller. If you're looking to make friends with me, cake pops would be a pretty good way to skip all the boring small talk and get straight to the good stuff.




Dear Cake,

I have a major sweet tooth, so I don't think I've met a dessert that isn't my favorite. The only one that comes close is flan. Love the taste, don't particularly care for the texture. But even flan makes the cut as a favorite because one time at this Moroccan restaurant called L'Etoile Centrale I had the most divine flan you could ever imagine. 




Dear Aziraphale,

My favorite dessert changes with my mood. Sometimes nothing can beat homemade apple pudding with vanilla sauce, other times it's creme brulee, or fruit trifle, or homemade ice cream, or fresh peach pie (fruit pies are amazing, by the way, to all the naysaying writers), or lemon bars, or banana chocolate chip muffins, or gourmet chocolates, or brownies, or... and the list just goes on and on.