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Question #92538 posted on 08/25/2019 10:12 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Have any of you done a cool craft, project, or DIY that you're super proud of? If not, any for the future? Pictures are encouraged, but not required.

-Glitter Glue


Dear Gl-Glue,

So, the orginal designs for my crafts are based on pixel art from the fabulous Korean graphic artis Joo Jaebum (Check out his work!). These were made using a square paper punch, the little paint chips from Home Depot, and lots and lots of patience (plus help from my sisters and cousins):


Starry Starry Night by Van Gogh/Joo Jaebum/Tipperary & Fam


Girl With a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer/Joe Jaebum/Tipperary & Fam

Pretty cool right? I can't wait until I live at a place that will let me put nails in the wall so I can snag one from my parents' house.




Dear Glitter Glue,

I. Have. So. Many. Ideas. For. Our. Nursery.



I want to make the hearts falling down the wall by the crib in jungle themed colors (as wide as the crib). It's like love is pouring onto them as they sleep! -heart melts- 

Little Things.jpg


I want to make something like this for the nursery since babies are little, and we should enjoy the little moments with them before they grow up. Cuuuute.



Not a huge fan of the yellow and I'd probably switch to green, but the lower right-hand picture makes me so dang happy and I want to implement that into the nursery somehow. I'd also change the elephants to tigers or lions instead. But still, pretty dang cute am I right?! 

I love crafting.

-Goldie Rose


Dear Prince(ss) Sparkle,

At first I thought I didn't really have anything but turns out I was wrong and I am actually a pretty crafty person. So, let's start with the paintings:

I used to watercolor a lot, and I sold watercolor temples to people to make some bucks in high school. I don't have pictures of all of the ones I've done, but my aunt asked me to do six (6) of them for her [Timpanogos, Edmonton Alberta, Calgary Alberta, Manti, Payson, Cardston Alberta - listed in the order pictured]. I haven't really watercolored at all since then because it took me forever and stressed me out, but I am still really proud of them and should probably get back into it soon because I really enjoy it:


(Sorry the picture is kinda blurry, that's the one I was given and I didn't want to be pushy and ask for a better one.) 

Then, because we're basic, Pebble and I did a Bob Ross paint night that turned out pretty good. This was a joint project, so I blame any imperfections on Pebble and take full credit for the good parts:


I also like to do design and I'm pretty organized, so I did this gallery wall of family pictures at my parent's house. I was proud of it, anyway: 

Gallery wall.jpg

When Pebble's family lived in California they had one wall in their home office that was a whiteboard wall, so I took full advantage of that and did this one morning: 

whiteboard quote.jpg

I enjoy doing lettering and stuff. Another time, I'll show you my class notes for Social Inquiry. They were pretty. But now's not the time. 

I also really LOVE to embroider. I don't do it much when school's in, but the last project I did was embroidering a cute camping scene on this hat:


I want to redo it on a hat that looks better. I cheaped out and this one looks like a child's hat, so I wanna try again. I think maybe someday I might actually want to sell embroidered hats and things on Etsy... once I have time to practice and get better. 

And lastly, I shall share my High School ceramics "successes." The first one I made is a chickadee, which is my favorite bird. I think he's pretty cute, plus he does a good job of keeping my books up most of the time:


The one other project I was pretty proud of is this vase, though I must admit when my mom sent me the picture of it I said "oh, that's not as cute as I remember it being" so... there's that. It has the green petal things going in a spiral all the way around and took me FOREVER to do because I had to put each of those dumb petals on individually: 





Dear Glitter,

I did a lot of very cool things in community college with ceramics, of which this elephant is one of the most notable. I know he looks a little wonky, but I love him. His name is Humphrey. I gave him a big open belly so that I could put a plant in him.

Humphrey 1.JPG

Humphrey 2.JPG

However, all this was years ago. The only "cool" or "crafty" thing I've done recently is to make a pair of drop crotch pants out of an maxi skirt that didn't match anything. They're absolutely ridiculous, but they're also extremely comfortable and good. They have very quickly become one of my favorite pairs of pajama pants.

pants cropped.jpg

 -Quixotic Kid


Dear you,

I love crafts!! I've been trying to get better at drawing, but if I posted my current attempts your computer screen may just burst into flames, so to keep everyone safe and sane I'll instead post some crafty and thrifty things minnow and I have done with our apartment.

As you may know, we recently moved to LA and a (surprisingly spacious) studio apartment. Since we'll be moving again soon, we wanted to save money on the furniture we'll soon be selling/donating while keeping a somewhat consistent color scheme. So for our TV stand, we bought a cheap dresser from a thrift store and remodeled it - 


(It may not look like much, but I'm really proud of this because we had to take the whole dresser apart to fit it in our car, so I had the pleasure of putting it all back together. Sound easy? Imagine putting an IKEA dresser together with no instructions.)

We also wanted to separate our bed (aka mattress) from the rest of the room, but screens were too expensive. So with some wood from Lowes, a curtain rod, and a curtain, we were able to make this -


We used my small stapler to staple the curtain to the wood and it worked surprisingly well. You can't see in this picture but we nailed wood "feet" to the bottom of each thing of wood and used bricks (within brick cases I sewed to keep brick dust contained) to weigh down the bottom.

Our apartment is quite homey now!

-guppy of doom


Dear GG,


One summer when I was in high school, I saw this DIY project on Pinterest and it looked like fun, so my best friend and I got some canvases, paint, and tape, and we did it! It's really not much to be proud of, but I was really pleased with it because it actually emerged from Pinterest into reality (unlike everything else on my Pinterest boards). If you're looking for a DIY craft to try, I would definitely recommend this one. It was so fun to have hanging in my bedroom for the next couple years!




Dear Glitter,

My husband is more creatively gifted than I, and has made a lot of cute things for our apartment. Check out the awesome clean/dirty magnet he painted for our dishwasher!


He also painted a penguin piggy bank to have a little suit (with a bow tie and matching pocket square!), and his name is Mr. Tubbs.

mr tubbs.jpg

I don't make anything quite as cute as my husband does, but I am really proud of how I decorated my classroom!



You may think this doesn't look like a big deal, but hanging those flags took forever and was surprisingly like a workout.