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Question #92550 posted on 08/21/2019 9:42 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What is the best candle scent?

-My Name Here


Dear you,

There are three Yankee candles that my Mom burned all the time that remind me of my childhood that I love. So numero uno would be the simple Buttercream, closely followed by Honeydew Melon, and lastly Pineapple Paradise. 

BUT, she also had this smelly candle called Freshly Cut Roses, which is one of the reasons why I don't like the smell of artificial rose.

I don't have any strong preferences for candle scents at the moment, so I'll let Guesthouse take it from here.

-Goldie Rose


Dear friend, 

Be careful what you ask for on the Board, because you have just subjected yourself to A TOUR OF MY CANDLE COLLECTION! 

Unfortunately, I don't have space to keep all of the containers forever, but here is what my current collection looks like: 


Of course, I have owned many more than these! Behold! The complete list of every candle I've ever owned (keep in mind, I've owned multiples of the same scents, too) ranked in order from worst to best! 

17. Garden Party — clean, but overwhelming and tbh gives me a headache. Luckily I only bought a bitty one. 
16. Target Sweet Spun Sugar — It's supposed to smell like cotton candy, and it does... but not when you burn it. You can't really smell it at all when it's burning. Plus, I bought the 2-wick tall version and all it does is tunnel when you burn it. I shouldn't have to do maintenance on a candle! I'm thinking of putting my own wick in it, smh.
15. Vanilla Bean Noel — I love this in body care, but as a candle it was too sickeningly sweet. It didn't throw that great, which is probably for the best because it isn't a great home vanilla scent. I can think of several better vanilla candles. 
14. Fresh Bamboo — This one is good but I just can't put it up there with the other ones. It smells clean and is good for burning when you're tidying up the house or doing a spa day. It's calming and fresh, but I think I just like fruity or floral scents more. Excellent throw, though.
13. Honeysuckle — This too smells better cold than burning. It didn't really throw at all and wasn't true to the scent of honeysuckle, one of my favorite smells. Not a great floral scent, and fell far short of my expectations. 
12. Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla — Good scent, but burning it is just too subtle, not enough cinnamon OR enough vanilla, which... idk how that works. 
11. Pumpkin Cupcake — Excellent fall smell, and I always buy the soap and hand sanitizers of it. If they made it in body care, I'd totally stock up. However, burning it as a candle doesn't do the scent justice. It may have just been the batch or my specific candle, but it didn't throw at all. It's supposed to be a strong, sweet, baked goods pumpkin scent and while it smelled sweet and a bit cinnamony, it just wasn't up to par for me. 
10. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin — This is one of B&BW's best-selling fall scents, and I can get why. It's a fresh and not sickening fall smell, and perfect for early-autumn before you get into the holiday smells. However, I'm just not in love with it as a candle or home scent. There are plenty of other pumpkin smells that surpass this one. 
9. Peach Bellini — Nothing special. Like really, I don't have anything to say about this one. It's nice and peachy and I didn't return it, but.... it's not as good as say, Georgia peach or the new Peach Cobbler. 
8. Champagne Toast — Kind of hard to explain this one... it smells sweet, but not fruity or floral or anything else... It's quite unique. I did enjoy it, but I haven't finished burning it so obviously I didn't enjoy it THAT much. 
7. Georgia Peach — Yummy! This one was a birthday gift and I loved it so much. It's a pretty peachy smell that does a good artificial (and somehow also fresh?) peach smell. It's a bit more of a subtle burn, but I felt that it made the air feel lighter and happier. Great atmosphere for spring and summer. 
6. Fresh Balsam — Another B&BW classic, this one smells like Christmas Pine. It's Pebble's 2nd favorite scent (after Leaves) and I think it's really pleasant. Sometimes it can be a bit strong, but it is nice. 
5. Fresh Cut Lilacs — BEAUTIFUL. It smells fresh and clean, but not like laundry, and not like... old lady floral either. It smells like springtime and a garden tea party and it's everything you could want in a floral candle. It's very true to the scent of lilacs. I liked it so much I bought 3.
4. Paris Cafe — If you like the smell of coffee, you need 17,000 of these. I burn it during breakfast, brunch, weekend mornings, etc. and it's just so relaxing. It smells like a coffee shop... Vanilla and baked goods perfectly mixed with the coffee smell. Throws well and is just so yummy. 
3. Watermelon Lemonade — The perfect summer smell! It's fruity but also clean and bright. Excellent burn and throw and overall just really awesome. I've owned like.... 4 of these total? 
2. Cinnamon Buns — Of course this one it on the top of the list. I don't remember exactly what brand it was, but it wasn't B&BW, I think it was like... a unique soy farmers market find. In any case, it burned really well... faster than B&BW candles, but it smelled JUST LIKE CINNAMON ROLLS, complete with the frosting. Whenever I'd burn it, people would ask me what I was baking and it seriously was such an amazing warm and homey smell. I am sad that it's all gone... and has been for like 2 years... but still. DELICIOUS.

 ==== tied for first ====

Blueberry Maple Pancakes — OHHH my goodness YOU GUYS this is SUCH A GOOD CANDLE. It smells fruity and warm and mapley and everything good. It's strong and delicious and fresh and pretty much just the best. I also love the blue color when it's melted. 

Strawberry Pound Cake — I was a super lucky soul and managed to get one of the last available candles of this at the University Mall store. This was such a cult favorite online, but was really limited in production. I'm sure they'll bring it back since it was so beloved. It's creamy but also smells like vanilla, with subtle hints of strawberry and it's really a beautiful smell. It isn't perfumey at all and is really welcoming. You walk into a space and just think 'wow, something smells really good!' but you can't put your finger on it... which honestly is the best. 

Leaves — This is a classic. You ALWAYS have to get a Leaves candle when fall comes around. It's all the best fall spices rolled into one and if you ever find yourself wondering, "what does fall smell like?" THIS IS THE ANSWER. It's not overly woody or anything... it's really just perfect. This one is Pebble's favorite, and obviously one of mine as well. They bring it back every year because it's just irreplaceable. 

Yuletide — Also one of my favorites. It's like a more Christmas-y version of the Leaves candle... it has a bit of a wintery smell to it. I'm not sure how to describe it but it's really good. It's also a beautiful minty color that I love seeing melted. It was a new Christmas smell this last year and I hope they bring it back because I burned it all the time during Christmas break and it was really perfect. 

Pumpkin Apple — When I said there were plenty of better pumpkin candles out there? This is the one I'm talking about. The intersection of the pumpkin spice smell with the fresh apple smell is pretty much the best thing ever. It feels warm and cozy like a fall candle should be, but at the same time, the apple makes it clean and fresh and bright and it's really just amazing. I buy one of these every year too, and this year I bought the Champagne Apple & Honey fall body care because it reminds me of the smell so much. It's grrrrrrreat!

Candles I have but am yet to try: 

Target Pineapple candle

Black Cherry Merlot

Volcano candle my mom gave me

Cranberry Orange Prosecco

'Tis the Season


I told y'all I had an addiction... 




Dear Question-Asker,

My all-time favorite candle scent was one that my family had when I was a kid. It was cinnamon roll scented, but it also had some vanilla in it. It was like you could smell the frosting in the candle too. I have no idea what brand it was or anything. My family wasn't big on actually burning candles, so I was able to give it a good sniff whenever I wanted for years. Unfortunately, my penchant for occasional sniffs led to its demise when I knocked it off the bookcase and it (and its jar) shattered.

Another candle I really like is Mahogany Teakwood from Bath & Body Works. It smells like very good boy deodorant smell. I even think it could be a rival to the famous boyfriend replacing candle...

-Quixotic Kid


Dear Scentsy,

There is a legendary candle that supposedly smells so good that you will never need a boyfriend again because its scent will fill the void inside you. See Board Question #84161 to hear about how Tally M. and Vienna attempted to find the Yankee candle.

I'm not sure if it's the greatest candle scent ever because I've never smelled it. Tally is now married to me and Vienna is also married so I don't know if it actually fills that void. BUT, dear reader, Tally said that the candle was quite small so it's possible the candle filled that empty void inside both of them while it lasted but once it was gone, they were open to having a man fill that void again. I could ask Tally and Vienna but I fear what the answer would be. So I'll just leave you with this: It's a good candle.



Dear you,

Sandalwood vanilla. Anything sandalwood, really.



Dear Your Name There,

Well, I can't tell you what the best candle scent is (it looks like you've got some good competitors here already though), but I can tell you what the best candle scent should be. You see, once upon a time, I got my roommate a banana pancakes candle for her birthday because we both agree that Jack Johnson is the best, and it should have been the most comforting, calming, cozy candle out there (much like his music), but, alas, it was not. It was actually a little bit of a sickening smell that always kinda lingered, much to our dismay. Clearly, I'm still pretty bummed about it. Perhaps I would have better luck with a cookie jar candle.



P.S. Since 3 is a magic number, here is a third Jack Johnson gem for your enjoyment.