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Question #92551 posted on 08/18/2019 9:15 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I saw a post online where a university had a cat that lived in the library and had its own library card. There was also a Facebook page that students could post pictures if they spotted said cat around the library. What's the likelihood of that happening at BYU? If it happened, how would the students and faculty react? We could name him Cosmo the Cat!

-All For It


Dear Cat Lover,

I heard about Pep too! I didn't know about the MTC cat mentioned below  I feel very gypped as I was there six years ago and never saw it! (Sheesh, showing my age why don't I?)  Oh well, it was only ten days in the winter... 

I don't know the likelihood of it, especially since BYU petitions can be a hit or miss depending on the topic. But I think having a cat would be so wholesome and a good stress reliever. As long as it's litter trained, they could have volunteers take care of Cosmo. They added a study room that's good for kids, why can't they add a cat room with Cosmo? 

In all honesty, what's preventing any of us bringing a kitten to the library and bribing it with food and water to have it stay in the library? Think about it... The faculty wouldn't kick out a poor lil thing, that'd be just heartless!

-Goldie Rose


Dear I'll "For" It,

There's already a cat at the MTC, and the missionaries seem to love it. The cat just chills outside the cafeteria and brings comfort to the cat-loving missionaries. The MTC seems pretty chill with it, so there is hope!


P.S. sorry no pictures


Dear All,

Personally, I'm down. I don't think BYU would ever actually do it, though. It seems like a thing that would be more likely to happen at a smaller university, where there isn't an entire committee that would have to make the decision. I think that I would also be a little bit worried about the cat getting shut into a weird part of the library on accident and then being trapped somewhere. That probably wouldn't even happen, but it's possible.

-Quixotic Kid


Dear Allie,

This isn't quite the same, but there are several very nice plants all over the library. They bring life and joy to the HBLL, much like a cat would, I imagine. I highly recommend finding a study spot near one :)



posted on 08/20/2019 8:57 a.m.
In case anyone was interested, my brother is currently in the MTC and he says that the cat's name is Sister Mittens. She's black and has white paws and is very friendly.