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Question #92557 posted on 09/08/2019 11:48 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What's something or multiple things you've accomplished this year that you're really proud of? (Serious and silly answers are acceptable.)

-Goldie Rose


Dear Goldie, 

I made it through my second year with a 4.0 GPA, which took a lot of work and I'm really proud of. 

I also have been working on being more confident with myself and my decisions, and I think I've made a lot of progress with that. It's been hard, because I think I naturally feel a lot of unnecessary guilt and anxiety about disappointing people... but I think I've felt less like that lately, and if I do feel that way, I choose not to care. It has made me feel a lot happier! 

On the Board, I've been really trying hard to have my answers completed by 100 hours, and I've done a pretty good job sticking to it. There are only a few that I've taken longer on, and only when it feels justifiable to write a really good answer. 

Also, this September will be a year that I've been a writer, and I think I'll hit 365 answers by then, which I am super proud of. (For those looking at the stats, that only counts the ones attributed to my 'nym. The 365 includes any secret 'nyms and anonymous answers.)




Dear Goldie,

  • I presented my research at a research conference in Nebraska
  • I got an award for excellence in undergraduate mathematics for the third year in a row
  • I was on the Dean's list for my college
  • I spoke at my college graduation (also, I graduated with my Bachelors y'all)
  • I got my own apartment and am living by myself for the first time (it's pretty dang fantastic)
  • I went out of the US for the first time on a trip to Japan
  • I got my first real job, which turns out to be something of a dream job for me (it's pioneering doing data science at a company)
  • I am completely financially independent (I have my own insurance, benefits, and everything)
  • I got my first car (which unlike SNB, I was not able to just pay cash for, but hey, at least the car payments will raise my credit score)
  • At some point, I hit over 1,000 answers written for the Board
  • I might just have found someone to start referring to as Newton in my answers. Stay tuned.



Dear Goldie,

  • I made the Dean's List in my college
  • I scored in the top 5% nationally of a test I had to take to get my teaching license
  • I got my teaching license and graduated
  • I moved to a real apartment and had a blast decorating it
  • I got a real job and started teaching last week
  • I kept at least some of my houseplants alive
  • I almost kept several basil plants alive (even though they all ultimately died)
  • I finally found a foundation that's a good match for my skin tone
  • I read 100 Years of Solitude, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, in Spanish, which was a slog but I'm proud of myself for finally doing it



Dear G-Ro,

I presented some original research at a conference! It was awesome to attend the conference and I'm really glad I went. Not only do I feel accomplished for doing it, but I'm also super hyped to do more research!

Also, it's not really an accomplishment on my part, but somehow I'm in a relationship with the most amazing woman and we're gonna go on a road trip together! So that's very exciting.




Dear you,

I present to you Sunday Night Banter's list of wonderful accomplishments:

  • I graduated in April and have been enjoying the graduate life
  • I recently celebrated my three year wedding anniversary which I think is a big deal 
  • I started a real estate brokerage with my brother and am now a young entrepreneur & business owner 
  • I got back into cycling and have been loving it
  • My wife and I decided we needed a new car but didn't want to go in debt and we paid cash (that was an awesome feeling y'all)
  • The dryer in our basement apartment broke and I figured out how to fix it on my own
  • My wife and I planted tomatoes and they are actually growing
  • I've done pretty well at keeping my journal up-to-date
I am hoping to have several more accomplishments added to this list by the end of 2019, so stay tuned!
-Sunday Night Banter


I have tried a zillion new things this year. I have been mostly terrible at them, but I tried them. I have big failed on like every big thing I've tried. But I tried again. To be honest, most of this I was absolutely terrified to do. That's a big part of why I'm proud of them. 

I sailed to the Bahamas with my best friend and her family. It was scarier than I expected adventure would be. The planning, the people, the swimming--all terrifying. But I had an amazing time and willed myself to do some hard things. I started thinking of myself as someone who can, who does, and who is just as effective as everyone else. As soon as I did, my progress accelerated big time, and I'm proud of that. 

I learned to cruise timber and keep up with my crew. I started out constantly behind and stressed but now I can tell I'm an effective member of the team and I'm proud of that. 

I moved even though I didn't want to. I only moved an hour from my friends and family in Provo, but it was hard for exactly all the reasons I thought it would be. I stuck with it and I'm proud of that.

I went solo camping for the first time. I ended up bottoming out my car and getting stuck real bad. I pitched my tent, talked to my neighbors who promised to help in the morning, and went to sleep. All night I felt like an absolute idiot, worried about my parent's car and what they would say, and imagined animals outside my tent. But in a weird way, I woke up proud of myself. It was an awful experience, but I had tried something new which no one had ever taught me to do. There are a lot of things I want to do which no one in my life really does. So as foolhardy as it sounds, I have to have stupid experiences to figure them out. This felt like a start, and I'm proud of that. 

I took up climbing. This is one of those things that no one in my life does. But it's also one of those things I can't figure out by myself. I can't afford the gear and memberships. It's dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. But I took the plunge and bought the shoes, and started asking for help. So I picked up a new hobby and invested in it, but I also started reaching out to people for help and I'm proud of that. 

I had my first kiss  eww no don't talk about that, gross. I mean the relationship didn't work out, and it's not really the kiss I'm proud of. It's just that I challenged my dating anxiety in a big way, and stayed long enough to figure things out for real. That meant constantly taming the fight-or-flight attitude I usually have. I didn't allow myself to be angry and I didn't allow myself to run away and I'm proud of that. 

That's just a few things, but they're good examples of some of the deeper progress I've made. That story can be summed up a little like this:

I have been in an accelerated process of recognizing just how insecure I am and fighting through it. I have made a million choices in spite of insecurities that directly oppose them. The strangest thing is how acutely I felt insecure throughout, and how I still feel those insecurities. Like, I haven't let them hold me back in practice, but emotionally I've been a mess the whole time. But it's allowed me to observe my insecurity closer than I ever have before and I think now I have a really good shot at changing them forever. And then, because I did all the stuff anyway I am actually just better at them. I have amazing experiences to show for it. I've also been identifying my real actual desires and letting myself have them. I have a better focus on exactly what I want out of life, and I believe I can get it, and I actually make plans to get there. That's a new feature for me. And I also think I've learned enough about myself to turn around and pay more attention to others. 

So yeah, I'm a better person and I'm proud of that. 



Dear Goldie,

For starters, I became a Board writer! Is that too easy of an answer?

I also got up enough nerve to actually submit something I've written into a competition; I submitted a short story earlier this summer to the Old School RuneScape developer team for a recently held "write your own lore" competition revolving around a major content release. My submission didn't end up making the cut, but it was a valuable learning experience that helped me better identify my strengths and weaknesses in my fiction, so I'm glad I at least made the effort. (I suppose this answer is as good a time as any to note that yes, I still religiously play on the Old School servers, because despite all appearances I haven't actually grown up one bit since 2007.) Just submitting something has helped me pay more attention to the flow of my writing and where I can improve.

Speaking of Old School RuneScape, I also recently went from being a lowly junior moderator in a relatively well-known clan to a senior moderator, which was a good affirmation for me that communication, conflict management, and interpersonal skills are important and valuable even in something as seemingly trivial as the day-to-day ins and outs of community in an MMO, and I ought to continue working to refine them. Also, that my communication skills are not as weak as I often believe them to be. Should I be proud enough of all this to write it publicly? Maybe not. But it matters to me, so I'm sharing it.




Dear Goldie,

  • Getting married.
  • Getting into grad school.
  • Applying for real adult jobs and not being automatically rejected by some of them.
  • Buying furniture for and decorating my first ever unfurnished apartment. This includes making bedside tables and a screen to separate the bed from the room (yay studio apartments!).
  • Getting good enough at Assassin's Creed that I now want to take the controller from minnow when he's playing because he's not doing it right. (For all the gamers I played games with: I'm sorry. I now understand why you were so upset when I kept falling off that ledge a million times.)

-guppy of doom


Dear Rosy Gold,

I realized after reading over other writers' answers that there are some cool things that I did in the past year. I finished my mission in the Philippines, I survived my first semester back at BYU, I got accepted into two part-time jobs (at different points in the year) that I really enjoy, and I GET TO WRITE FOR THE BOARD! Currently, this upcoming semester is looking pretty great and I'm stoked; I just hope that it continues going great.



Dear Goldie,

I don't know if this counts because I haven't quite finished, but I'm quite pleased with the progress I've made, so I think it does.

A year ago, I decided I wanted to read more because I used to read a ton, but I just kinda stopped before my junior year of high school. So from August to December last year I read a bunch of books and I felt like I was doing okay, but when I heard about the Pioneer Book 2019 Reading Challenge in January I decided that would be a great way to motivate me. Basically Pioneer Book has a list of 44 categories and if you read a book from each one before the end of the year, they will give you $50 store credit!! Which at a used book store like Pioneer Book is at least 7 or 8 books :)

As of today, I have 14 books left to read, so I think I'll be able to do it. If anyone has recommendations for a Pulitzer Prize winner or nominee, a National Book Award winner or nominee, or a Hugo or Nebula winner or nominee, let me know! Those are some of the categories I have left.



posted on 09/09/2019 1:03 p.m.
Cerulean: For the Hugo Award Winner, you should read "The Three Body Problem" by Liu Cixin--it's the first Asian novel to ever win the Hugo (originally written in Mandarin but there's a good English translation) and I thoroughly enjoyed it!