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Question #92564 posted on 08/23/2019 10:32 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So, I'm ready to try online dating. Problem is, I'm not sure how to pick an LDS dating site to use. There's LDS Singles, LDS Planet, LDS Mingle, and of course Mutual. And probably lots more.

Does anyone have any experience with online LDS dating? Any sites you'd recommend? I am willing to pay for a subscription if it's worth it.

If it matters, I'm on the older end of YSA, already graduated BYU and started a career, and am living in the Midwest, so members are fairly sparse in my area (hence me wanting to have a wider reach online in my dating efforts).

-still single


Dear Single,

I met my girlfriend on Mutual, and quite a few of my friends have met their significant others on Mutual as well. I feel like it's a pretty good app, and it seems to be pretty common. I even know someone from Canada that met their SO on Mutual! It might be worth giving it a shot.




Dear Mingler, 

I don't see why you can't pick more than one of them to get the widest reach. All of them have decent enough reviews and whatnot, and if you try one and aren't liking the way it's run or the people you are meeting, you can always delete an account. Maybe start with two or three sites/apps? Also, try getting to know people in your ward- even some of the older folks. I'm sure lots of them have friends or relatives they might know that they can set you up with. I've heard lots of cases of that working if it's not too uncomfortable for you to ask for that.