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Question #92575 posted on 09/07/2019 10:37 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are some good android apps available that you can input random stuff you want to memorize, and it will either in a notification or something pop up and you have to try to answer the question. I'm not sure I'm describing it right - but I've made paper flashcards, and sometimes I'll keep one in my pocket and then when I put my hand in my pocket it reminds me about it, and if I don't remember the answer I can look at it. However, I chronically lose any paper I touch, so an app that is similar would be more reliable for me.

-Zwerg Zwei


Dear Zweilous,

I've gotten a lot of use out of a program called Anki. Anki is somewhat different from other flashcard apps in that it uses spaced repetition, meaning that questions you fail will come up more often in review, while questions you answer correctly will gradually start to show up less frequently between reviews. Ideally this will help you get whatever you're studying to stick in your long-term memory more effectively than just reviewing the same cards at the same time 24/7. I've had good results with Anki and similar spaced repetition programs, so I'd recommend it. The mobile app isn't free, but the desktop app is, and you can just use the Internet browser on your phone to keep all your flashcards in sync.




Dear Zwarf Zwoo,

I also really like Quizlet. It looks like you can have a study reminder time, but maybe not the questions notification you are looking for. I have some other language apps that I've usedso feel free to ask about thosebut here are some other flash card apps that I still have on my phone, which means that they're not too bad:

AnkiDroid It looks like you can set an amount of flash cards a day and then the app will notify you when you have more than X number of flash cards "due" to complete.

Flash Cards (the icon has a yellow and blue paper inside an orange circle, for me) This app looks like it has some really good settings options and is very user-friendly. The notifications can be set to a daily practice reminder or when you have "cards for review".

Simple Flash Plus It looks like this one is really easy to create flash cards with and has some different options, but no settings to customize notifications.

I personally like Quizlet the best, but some of these have been fun and I like having different options. Hopefully, you will find an app (or reminder through some sort of calendar, like setting a "goal" in Google Calendar) that works for you. One thing that I do is keep my credit cards and student ID in a wallet phone case. I also have a little sticky note on the inside of my case with a to-do list that is easy to see, because I also forget to do things easily. You could try getting one of those and putting flash cards in there. That way, if you lose your phone, you lose everything!

Best of luck,



Dear ZZ,

I've used Quizlet for quite some time for everything from AP Gov study terms to literary works and their authors for CMLIT 212 last semester. It's worked well for me, so I've never had a reason to search for something else. It seems like it would work well for your purposes too— it's just like paper flashcards, but on your phone!