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Question #92576 posted on 09/15/2019 10:58 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I found the following map of diaper changing stations on campus. https://wsr.byu.edu/campus-nursing-map
Super helpful for the upcoming semester with a baby. But I want to know, are these all women’s restrooms? What men’s restrooms on campus have changing stations?

-Pushing a Stroller


Dear Super Mom,

Cerulean's answer has a list of the bathrooms, but I wanted to include a few tips about bathrooms:

1. My great-uncle taught me that because of the way that plumbing is designed, it is easiest to place stack bathrooms so that the sewage line can be a straight line. Because of this, you will likely find bathrooms in the same place on different floors. Note that sometimes they alternate floors, but are still in the same place, like in the JFSB. This is super helpful if you want to find a less frequently-used bathroom. Just find the bathroom and find a less frequently-used floor of the building. For the most part, you can also assume that the other bathrooms are designed the same.

2. If you want to check if a bathroom has a changing station but there's someone in there, you can pretend that you're fixing your hair or makeup or something. If you need to get past the nice receptionist lady to see the bathroom inside their office, simply ask if you can wash your hands using their bathroom. If you do it with a smile, they won't think you're a total weirdo, or they will at least not show it.

-Inklings, whose hands are now very clean (at least physically)


Dear Pushing A. Stroller,

Here is a list with all the bathrooms from the Women's Services map categorized as female, male, or family. For the most part, all the men’s restrooms are specifically indicated as men’s restrooms on the map, but there are a few exceptions. I’ve marked these exceptions with one asterisk.

Two asterisks indicate a restroom not included on the map. However, even with a few added restrooms, I can’t promise that these are all the restrooms on campus with a changing station. We (Inklings and I) used these maps to check whether the restrooms listed on the map were men's or women's and then did some field work to check the ones that we couldn’t do with the maps. Along the way, we just happened to find some extras.

Also, TLRB 251 is listed on the map as a men's restroom with a changing station, but it does not have a changing station.

And, without further ado, here you are!

ASB B135
BYUB 1013C
CONF 2291A
CTB 222
ESC S203
HBLL 1010
HBLL 2010
HBLL 4602
HFAC E319 (The map says B319, but I don’t think that exists. I think they meant E319 because it does exist and has a changing table.)
JFSB 1079
JFSB 1121
JKB 1019A
JKB 3021
JKB 4091D
JRCB 2nd Floor Library
JRCB 330
JSB 127
LSB 2103
LSB 3102
LSB 4115
LSB 5118
MC 3210
MC 3410
MLBM 2004
MLBM 2022
MOA Main Floor
MSRB 111 (It is not marked as MSRB 111 anywhere, but this is the mother’s lounge attached to MSRB 107.)
RB 114
RB Locker Room
SHC 1056
TMCB 1101
TMCB 248
WSC 1183
WSC 2080
WSC 2624
WSC 3212

CB 201
CONF 2271A
JRCB 266
JRCB 332
MLBM 2008**
MLBM 2020**
MOA Main Floor
SHC 1054
TLRB 146*
TMCB 1105*
TMCB 272**

Cannon Center Family Restroom
EB 212
EB 347
HBLL Family Study Area
HCEB 222**
HCEB 120A**
HCEB 218A**
HCEB 318A**
HCEB 418A**
HRCN 130
KMBL 1121
KMBL 1131
KMBL 224 (The map says 2226, but I’m pretty sure there’s no 22nd floor, so I think they meant this bathroom on the second floor. It’s pretty new.)

Hope this helps! Good luck!



P.S. If you are unfamiliar with any of these building acronyms, just type it into the search bar at map.byu.edu!