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Question #92579 posted on 09/03/2019 1:06 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board, especially Tipperary and SNB

Since NO ONE HAS DONE IT YET, what are your thoughts and/or predictions for * The * Rivalry * Game * ???

- R O C (K?) in the U S A


Dear ROC,

So this question posted after the game, but I'll still give you my pre-game thoughts while sprinkling in some post game thoughts as well.

I was legit not sure what was gonna happen in this game. BYU and Utah both had so many injuries when they played last year that this years game was practically between two entirely different teams than last year. I wasn't sure who would benefit more from a healthy team. The other thing that made this game hard to predict was that both teams had an entire off-season to prepare but no real film to go off. The beginning of the season is interesting because teams can bring new schemes that haven't been figured out by oppenents yet. Sometimes teams start the beginning of the season with shaky team chemistry and inconsistency. One strong example of this was BYU beating Wisconsin last year. Wisconsin was a top ten team but BYU had some new schemes and Wisconsin hadn't found their rythm. My hopeful prediction for the game was BYU 27-24.

Unfortunately *Spoiler Alert* BYU lost again. The first half was actually very promising with BYU dominating in nearly facet of the game except for the silly pick-6. Utah is a very good team and BYU's strong effort in the first half shows that we can move the ball well and play shutdown defense. The two big weaknesses revealed by Utah were consistency and Zach Wilson's decision making. BYU needs to put together 4 strong quarters every game. I don't know if the second half collapse was condidtioning, or coaching, but BYU needs to figure that out. Also, Zach Wilson needs to calm down and not try and force the ball as much. If BYU hadn't turned the ball over 3 times it would have been a completely different ballgame.

Anyways, there's still a lot of football left! I can't wait for the rest of the season. It should be interesting to say the least.




Dear no,

Unfortunately you asked your question too late so I am writing this answer after the game has ended, but I had two predictions: my genuine opinion and my fan opinion.

My genuine opinion knows that the University of Utah currently has a superior football program. If the decade long win streak doesn't give it away, surely the season rankings do. With that being said, I thought BYU would give a good showing, especially since it was played in Provo. My genuine opinion was Utah 26 BYU 20.

My fan opinion knows that the University of Utah has a superior program but believes that BYU has more passion and love for the game. I hoped for a BYU 24 Utah 19 outcome.

Alas, I am disappointed...again.

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear you,

We're going to lose in a landslide. But literally. Rocks will start tumbling off of the mountains and filling up the stadium. Everyone will run screaming for their lives. The BYU and Utah teams will have to work together to fend off the giant rocks that threaten their precious fans. By the time the dust clears, the bodies of fans are strewn across the field. ("They gave themselves for the sport they loved," everyone says at the funerals, wiping tears from their eyes.) The football players are cut and bloody, but the injuries they sustained here will be far less damaging to their future mental health than a regular game of smashing heads. The coaches on each side stagger to the middle of the field, grabbing the other in a hug. The holy war is finally finished. The surviving fans let out a ragged cheer as the football players link arms, exchange exhausted smiles, and slowly limp off the field together.

-guppy of doom