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Question #92581 posted on 08/31/2019 7:36 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I just asked the question about wearing a t-rex costume in the airport. What I also should have asked is, if you had a t-rex costume, where would you wear it?



Dear King,

I wouldn't.



Dear you,

If I were single I would wear it to a professional photo shoot so I could post it on my dating profile. 'Cause we all know that t-rex costumes are the ultimate turn on, am I right?

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear T-Rex,

I've had a T-Rex costume for three years with Carl, and now I have an excuse to show off all of our crazy adventures while wearing our costumes!

It first started at our ward Halloween party...


Then I wore it on Halloween on campus a few days later.


Then we started to take it to more public places outside of BYU.


I wore it to the gym since I didn't want people to know who I was with my awful form.


Carl has a motorcycle and I did not approve of him trying to ride a moving vehicle with a costume on. He's a lil daredevil...


It got colder so we took our costumes for a spin while sledding! Highly recommend, the costume cuts the wind pretty good.


We wanted to go dancing to see if we'd get any strange looks. Spoiler alert: We did.


Carl's family has a bunch of jet skis, so he started to show off his tricks while giving me a heart attack. 

Jet Ski.jpg 

He's also a Marine, so he wanted to go on American Ninja Warrior to see how far he could go with his rippling muscles.


Well, as much as I'd love to claim all of these adventures, I can't. The only real picture of mine was the first one. But now I think I might try sledding in my costume!

Sorry to lie, but Carl doesn't have a motorcycle. Although he truly is a Marine and loves to jet ski (but doesn't do tricks like that).

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-Goldie Rose


Dear dino-mite costume,

Walking around town late at night. Why?

  1. No one will rob you. They'll either burst out laughing, ruining the element of surprise, or think you're a crazy person. Either way, wallet = safe.
  2. Dinosaurs have no gender or height. Thought you saw a helpless 5'2 woman walking down the street? WRONG. You saw a non-gendered, tall dinosaur making its way towards you. You don't wanna catcall no dinosaur. You wanna get out of its way.
  3. Children who enjoy looking out their windows at night will have a fantastic story to tell their parents. Sure their parents will tell them it was a dream, but they'll forever believe in the t-rex who roams their streets after dark. 
  4. You'll be a force for good when it comes to drunk driving. Drunk people will see you, assume they've drunk so much they're now hallucinating, and call an Uber or Lyft. 
  5. Even if the cops are called on you, they won't take it seriously. You may even make some new friends. 
  6. You might make it on the local TV news station, making you a hero while preserving your anonymity. 

-guppy of doom