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Question #92584 posted on 09/01/2019 10:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I saw that the BYU Store was selling gameday shirts for $10 each. They come in 3 colors: Royal, Navy, and White. These seemingly correspond with the colors you're *supposed* to wear at the game. Let's say I don't necessarily want to buy the shirts. Can I still be fine just wearing a shirt that approximates the game color when I go to games? Or should I give in and crank out $30 to get the shirts? Or just $10 for one shirt and then only go to games that are for that color?

-Do I have to show that much school spirit?


Dear School Spirit,

I think you should go to however many games that you want to go to. Don't feel obligated to go to a game just because you're a BYU Cougar. If you're going to be stressed with all the homework you have, skip it. You can just watch the highlights later. 

I also don't think you need to have the $10 game day shirt in every color. If you don't have the specified colored shirt, ask one of your roommates if you can borrow one of their shirts in said color. You could also post on your YSA ward Facebook page if anyone has an extra shirt in your size. Doesn't matter if's a BYU shirt or not. Since to be honest, no one is going to judge you if it isn't.

-Goldie Rose


Dear friend, 

You could just go to Macey's and get $5 t-shirts instead. Or, as Goldie Rose suggests, just wear shirts that are the right color if you already have them. It also doesn't matter if you're matching everyone, so you could buy ONE shirt and wear it to all the games and nobody is going to be that upset about it. You're still showing your Cougar spirit. 

Personally I don't buy game tickets OR spirit gear. And as far as I can tell, nobody seems to mind too much. 




Dear you,

Don't get a shirt unless you want one.

I also want to point out that you don't need to care about football, or even sports in general in order to have school spirit. It's dumb (in my opinion) to judge school spirit off of one aspect that's not even connected with what most people do at the school. 



Dear No,

No. They're just doing it for the money. No one is going to see you in a navy blue shirt, scream "THEY'RE NOT WEARING ROYAL BLUE!!", and expel you from BYU.


School spirit should be exorcised


**I'm sure you're a lovely person and I wholeheartedly support you in whatever choices you make. I just feel very strongly about this topic.