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Question #92592 posted on 09/15/2019 10:18 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How do you decorate?

I kinda wanted to just leave it at that, because really, any direction would be appreciated... but here's some context. After short stints in different BYU off-campus housing places where I regrettably didn't invest in decorating my space, my husband and I are finally in a 1 bedroom apartment that's semi permanent (ie more than one year). So we'd like to make it nice, but also we have no idea what we're doing.

What are your best basic design tips to make a new place feel like home?

-Asul Ateh


Dear Asul,

One of the things that made it easy for us to decorate is to figure out a color scheme we both liked for each room. That way we knew while we were shopping for decor what would fit in that room. Our family room colors are navy blue and bright green. Carl's aunt made us a blue and green shawl for our wedding and we display it on our couch. We added blue and green pillows (one of them is a sequiny mermaid pillow that changes color!!)

Other things that make it feel like home is pictures of yourself and family. We have some big family photos framed on the wall of when we got married. We have the Oakland Temple in the middle since that's where we got sealed. On another wall, we have some of our favorite engagements and formals that showcase our personality. (You can get big wall frames 50% off at Hobby Lobby every other week. -Former Hobby Lobby employee.)

Decorating should show people who you are as a person. It should also make you happy to be in the room! (That sequin pillow that was $10 at Walmart most definitely makes me happy.) We have a door mat that says, "Yay! Friends!" It shows that we're friendly and hope you come as a stranger but leave as a friend. 

Another thing to make the apartment more you is to display things that you've done, accomplished, or created. You can follow a Bob Ross tutorial on YouTube, go to Color Me Mine, or Google any other easy crafts you think sound fun. We have some crafts pending. But since Carl is a Marine we have an American flag, Marine flag, and a Marine sword displayed and I feel pretty rad looking at them.

Good luck!

-Goldie Rose




Lagom is a Swedish word (and lifestyle) meaning just the right amount. Not too much, not too little. Balance. It's the understanding that there is a tipping point at which additions actually diminish the outcome. If you like that, next time we will work on the Japanese unagi. 

I remember once reading a fashion tip from Heidi Klum (I couldn't find it, sorry). But she said to get your outfit together for the day, accessorize boldly, and then take one accessory off. I try to decorate similarly. Most of the time, we don't need as much as we want to add.

So I would say have fun with it, but then put something away for later. 



Dear Azul,

Get matching furniture. I'm not saying that all your furniture has to look exactly the same, but at least get stuff in the same general color scheme, and in cohesive styles that will look good next to each other. It instantly makes your house look worse if your furniture looks like all of it was bought at DI in different decades.



Minamahal kong ate na asul,

Salamat po sa tanong. For me, I like to put up art on the walls. I am not perfect at it, but when I find a painting I like at a garage sale (or DI) or online at a good price, I get it and try to put it up. I like having my own pictures on the walls and what I like instead of just seeing the walls. I've also taped up things like The Family: A Proclamation to the World and a picture of my favorite temple. I want my home to be a place where I get excited to be back. In a general sense, I would suggest that you put things in plain view and at eye level that make you feel at home and that remind you of good things.

Ingat po kayo lagi 'te :)



Dear Asul Ateh, 

I've been building an Interior Design inspiration board on Pinterest for many years now (hit up my email and I'll tell you my account if you want to follow) and have taken classes because at one point or another I actually wanted to be an interior designer. Whenever I have opportunities to decorate, I start by harvesting ideas from that Pinterest Board. Most of my taste is a modern - rustic blend with lots of neutrals and earth tones, with an appreciation for contrast and dark colors (I could go on about how dumb I think having white walls, white cabinets, ceilings, furniture, etc. is, but that's for another time.)

With inspiration in mind and considering the shape, color, and purpose of a room, I move to furniture. I'm not really at a point to be buying couches and bedframes or dressers quite yet, so I just work with what's available. I either loosely draw or simply envision the layout of the furniture. The organization and flow of a room are very important and should reflect how the space is meant to be used. The layout of furniture and usage of storage pieces are how you make a room functional. That being said, mixing things up and moving them around is also really fun and I like to shake things up every once in a while. It's good for my brain. 

And of course, we all know the phrase "form follows function." So, once the layout and inspiration are worked out, I move on to the fun part of actually decorating. Mostly, I think decor should also be functional. I'm a huge fan of cute baskets, handmade ceramic bowls and plates, etc. to hold keys, paper, and mail. Then I go to the hygge items like blankets and pillows and lighting and books (I LOVE FINDING COLOR THEMED BOOKS) and that sort of thing. The things that make your space feel like your space. 

Generally, minimal decor is better (I'm totally going to look more into this lagom thing Babalugats is talking about) but I do believe you should have things that show your personality and make you happy. I love some simple floral arrangements, framed photos (might I recommend printing out black and white versions of your fave family and friend pictures? It's a great way to make it a bit more classy but still incorporate the things you love!), and wisely selected odds and ends (seems like ceramic birds are my thing). 

And never forget your candles and scents to complete the deal.