"In my defense... I saw 'Bring It On'..." -Anonymous Board Writer
Question #92593 posted on 09/15/2019 10:18 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What gives you hope in the world? Could be big or little things.

-My Name Here


Dear you,

This may sound conceited, but I really don't intend it to be that way: I give myself hope in the world. I'm certainly not as bad as what I hear on the news, and so I think if I can be a little better each day, then the world will be a tiny bit better as well.

I also find hope through Jesus Christ because I think He makes that much of a difference.

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear friend, 

  • My relationship with Pebble
  • Videos of kittens and bunnies
  • Reading research in the social sciences and knowing we've come a long way and have a lot of tools to change the world
  • Witnessing small acts of service that other people do for each other
  • Giving and receiving compliments
  • Soul Pancake Videos
  • Jason Mraz Music videos like this one
  • Beautiful and intelligent peers in my program. There are so many spectacular people that I meet that are making great efforts to make our community a better place. 
  • Rain & showers, for a chance to start again
  • The fact that Jonny, Chris, Guy, and Will have all been spotted outside the Bakery Studio in London, and that Coldplay recently hired a new "Cultural Consultant" so obviously SOMETHING is a-brewin'. 
  • The Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe
  • Watching shows like Queer Eye
  • Productive, deep, interesting conversations
  • My Grampa
  • The fact that my cacti are still alive despite my incompetence
  • Morgan Harper Nichols quotes

Life is good. 




Dear you,

My girlfriend, advances in engineering, football, Taylor Swift's new album Lover. Not necessarily in that order.




Dear Aziraphale,

  • Mountains
  • Poetry
  • Music
  • Cloudy days scattered with rain
  • Meditating



Dear Mx. Here,

What gives me hope? This tweet right here.


It just absolutely warms my heart.




Dear You,

  • My students, when they're not busy taking away my hope by doing weird and dumb stuff, actually give me a lot of hope. The vast majority of them are so empathetic of other people's suffering, aware that not everyone is like them and that's okay, and call out problems like racism and homophobia when they see them. If that's what most 13 year olds are like, the future is in good hands.
  • The fact that most people I talk to are decent people who believe in human rights.
  • Queer Eye
  • The abundance of metal straws, which means people are actually trying to take care of the environment!
  • People like Greta Thurnberg who are raising awareness about global warming and doing what they can to combat it.
  • More specifically, this picture from Facebook of Greta Thurnberg meeting Jane Goodall, and realizing that amazing women across generations are coming together to try to help the planet.
    greta thurnberg.jpg
  • Seeing people do small and big acts of service without asking for recognition, just to be a good person.




Real connection. Interactions with individuals that just shine with humanity. Time in nature. Rocks. Could be big rocks, or little ones with neat texture. In any case, I would say it's usually something noticeably and undeniably real. 



Dear "",

Despite my ever-present interpersonal cynicism and pessimism, when it comes to the world at large, I'm serenely confident that in the end--whatever that last day looks like--everything is going to be all right. I trust very deeply in the justice of God and in my sense that, in the poetic words of Eliza Snow, all of us are merely strangers in this difficult, painful, dreary world--wanderers from a more exalted sphere. Sooner or later, all of us will see that exalted sphere again. Everything we experience here is but a fleeting, transient, ephemeral thing, meant to directly prepare us for something far greater and more lasting.

With that said, the suffering and pain we all encounter here ought to call us to act, not to sit on our theological laurels waiting for God to do the work. We are, after all, meant to be His hands. So, in the meantime, I find hope in the innate goodness and altruism of the vast majority of people, even--perhaps especially--those with whom I have deep and profound religious or political differences. I find hope, too, in the beauty created by human endeavors in mankind's search for happiness and purpose, whether it's a myth of a hero rising against evil, the religious devotion of a Gregorian chant, or the reflectiveness of an ancient Japanese waka. The media of storytelling have changed, but always the motifs remain the same. In the end, all of these endeavors are to one degree or another reflective of our ultimate reality--earthly yearnings for the heavenly pattern--which, though we now glimpse it only intermittently through a glass darkly, will one day be made clear to us.

There's a lot of good out there in the world, if we're willing to look for (and contribute to) it. Is there wickedness, pain, and suffering? Undeniably. But in the end, these things too shall pass.

When everything seems to be going wrong and the frustrations and vicissitudes of life threaten to overwhelm me, I find a lot of hope in Revelation 21:4:

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.