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Question #92598 posted on 09/08/2019 3:42 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

During Fall and Winter semester I heard that the library alone uses 4 miles of toilet paper a day. If that’s true, how many miles of toilet paper does BYU campus use per day??

- just roll with it


Dear Proud Mary, 

Based on the corrections given on Board Question #84468, I'd like to make an estimate assuming a $250,000 toilet paper budget for a semester (why not overestimate, right?). Assuming we're working with $2.50 a roll that's 100,000 rolls a semester, divided by 120 days gives us about 833 a day. 

Most industrial size TP rolls are about 1000 feet long. So, with a little bit of basic math...

833 rolls x 1000 ft = 833,000 ft / 5280 = 157 miles 

Of course, we probably want to have a little bit of wiggle room, because there are smaller bathrooms on campus that don't use the big rolls, and I gave an overestimated budget. I think it's safe to say BYU campus uses between 130 and 160 miles of toilet paper every day. 

If other campus janitors or resource distributor employees have knowledge that would make this estimate more accurate, please enlighten us. I tried to find and reach out to the leader of the custodial warehouse and such but was met with a confusing web of bureaucracy.