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Question #92605 posted on 09/14/2019 8:18 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Can you recommend me some little-known song albums? I want to get back into finding new music and not just listening to Hozier and twenty one pilots all the time.

-the ghost of Van Goff


Dear chlorine,

None of these are new, but three song albums that have held up to very extended listening for me are:

Glass Animals: Zaba--specifically "Gooey," "Black Mambo" and "Hazey." You'll know within about thirty seconds if you like this group or not, but I value their interesting melodies, ethereal feel and crisp rhythms.

Broken Bells: Broken Bells and After the Disco. Maybe a little morose, but I like them.

I don't know if Diplo does albums, exactly, but some songs he's collaborated on that I've enjoyed extremely:

  • "Sun in Our Eyes" and "Get It Right" with MØ,
  • As part of  LSD (Labrinth, Sia, Diplo), "Thunderclouds," "Genius," and "Audio."
  • From his country project Thomas Wesley: "So Long"

Some singles that are interesting:

  • "Medellin" by Madonna & Maluma
  • "Islands" by Hey, Ocean!
  • "How Do You Sleep" by Sam Smith, this also has a moste excellent music video with great dancing
  • "Lost in My Boots" by Kwaye
  • "Brazilian Soul," the acoustic version by The Knocks ft. Sofi Tukker
  •  Kiana Ledé: "Bouncin" and "EX"
  • Amadou and Mariam ft. Manu Chao: "Senegal Fast Food" 


--Ardilla Feroz


Dear Van Ghost,

In fact, I just got some music recommended to me, so yes:

Skylight by Pine Grove

Beatenberg (artist)

I'm not super sure about these two, so let me give you some personal suggestions as well.

Elliot Park' Flyboy album is awesome. He just sings good songs, and I especially like "The Soldier and the Oak" and "Too Many".

If you're into Christian music at all (not choir-type), I think Unspoken is a pretty cool band. Their Follow Through and Reason albums are good, if that's the sort of thing you're into.

Chase Goehring is another artist that I like. He has a good mix of soft rap and song (kinda life TØP). He hasn't released an album, but he's one to check out.

They are pretty well known, but American Author's Oh, What a Life album has been a recent favorite.

Ruth B.'s The Intro is a nice little album with some good songs.

If you want a total change up, you can check out the Dubliners. My favorite songs of theirs are "The Rocky Road to Dublin" and "The Sick Note"

Best of luck,



Dear Artistic Apparition, 

Sea Wolf - Leaves in the River

Rooney - Calling the World 

Birdtalker (They only have one album, and it's pretty good but I think their singles are better, especially "Better in the Morning") 

Imaginary Future - Sunlight, as well as All My Love. I love their covers. And Kina Grannis' covers. And all the songs they sing together.  

Canyon City - Bluebird

Henry Jamison - The Wilds (I love the song "Real Peach") 

The Head and the Heart - Living Mirage (I guess they're pretty popular but still really good) 

Dylan Dunlap - He won the Stadium of Fire live Battle of the Bands last year and I was there for it and I remember him, so he's obviously pretty good. He's got mostly EPs right now but he IS on Spotify. I like the Feels Right At Home EP

Izzy Bizu - Moment of Madness and "Someone That Loves You '19"

Riley Whisler - Dancing Sound EP

Milo Greene - Milo Greene ("1957" is amazing, but so is "Autumn Tree")

Caamp - Feels Like Home

Oh Wonder isn't unknown, but they're really good. I think their original namesake album is the best one. 

From these suggestions, it might be evident that I have a vibe that I like, but hopefully at least some of these people appeal to you too... I think they all deserve a little more publicity and love. 





Colors by Beck. Won two Grammys but no one listens to it? If you like crazy sound engineering this is a good'n.



Dear Ghost,

If you're looking for some stuff with the same general vibe as Hozier, I think you should check out HAIM and Joseph. They're both really incredible.

If you're looking for something new, I have two recommendations. Gone Now by Bleachers and Premonitions by Miya Folick. Both are just really good albums that I listened to over and over again.

-Quixotic Kid