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Question #92611 posted on 09/18/2019 10:18 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Boy, do I have a question for you! I am looking for a band that plays disco and/or funk music that a student could join. Google searches, asking various BYU students, and the campus operators have all been unable to help, which has led me to you. I'm begging you to help me in my noble quest. PLEASE!

-Some Disco or Funk Pun


Dear Saturday Night Fever, 

I have some friends from high school that have their own band (Jumpmonk - you can find them on Spotify!) that isn't funk specifically, but they sure do play some funky tunes. Turns out one of them is actually Cerulean's cousin... so... that's cool. They've got a trumpet player, trombone player, awesome beats, etc. And normally are more on the jazzy side, but I know for a fact they'd be into some funk and disco too if you asked them. 

If you email me I can probably hook you up with their info. For the sake of anonymity, that's how you'll have to get it. 




Dear Disco,

Naturally, I thought of Jumpmonk as well. What did I tell you about having a ton of cousins?