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Question #92620 posted on 09/22/2019 7:08 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Who was scheduled to give the devotional for Tuesday and then got replaced by Pres. Nelson? Also, what were your impressions from the devotional?

-Asul Ateh


Asul na Ate, 

Sa tingin ko, wala.

I checked the website a few weeks ago and there was a blank space for this coming Tuesday, which probably means that he was scheduled, but they didn't want to announce it yet (maybe for security reasons).

I am assuming that you mean my impressions from his devotional, but just to cover all my bases, I think that President Wirthlin's devotional was awesome, and I really like his thoughts about gathering. It's something my mission president talked about a lot, and it's cool to see the application here. I personally think that President Nelson will give us a challenge like he gave to the youth last June or to the women of the church in October conference, but I'll have watched it before this answer is up, so I can comment on that, too.

(the rest of this answer is written after the devotional)

I personally thought it was good, but nothing major like I thought it was going to be from the amount of hype that I had surrounding it. Still, I like that President Nelson talked about the love and energy that he and the apostles put into receiving revelation and the love that they and God have for us and for the members of the church. I also liked the discussion of revelation and that we should seek to better understand things the way that God would have us understand them. I am definitely going to look more in depth into the things he talked about, but those are some of the things I got out of it.