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Question #92627 posted on 09/30/2019 11:18 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What would you recommend dipping into a chocolate fountain?

-Mmmm chocolate


Dear yummmm,


-guppy of doom


Dear chocolate,


Just a few things to try:


A different chocolate coated in a more different chocolate. 

A meatball. Just to hold. 

Sugar dates. Sugar dates and pistachios.

A microchip with top secret data.

A nice fistfull of raisins.

Sophie Faldo's Baked Italian mascarpone cheesecake with amaretto honey roasted nectarines.

An invader (from space or Russia) who is allergic to chocolate. 

Dried mango.

Fresh mango.

Coconut macaroons.




Dear Chocolate,

Bananas, strawberries, and marshmallows are all excellent choices, as is an empty plastic cup to catch all the chocolatey goodness and then just drink straight chocolate from afterwards.


*The Board is not liable for any health conditions caused by following this frankly terrible advice


Dear Coco,

I'm a fan of dipping savory things into chocolate.

Bacon? Yes please!

Potato chips? Piles of them.

Pretzels? Classic. 

I can't turn away from a Belgian waffle or mini cheesecake bite dipped in chocolate. Both are unbeatable. 




Dear you,

A very emphatic nothing. In fact, I’m in favor of all food besides ginger ale, saltines, and chicken broth being kept far, far away from even my thoughts.

~Sick Anathema 


Dear yum,

Nilla wafers! They are highly underrated, in my opinion, and perfect for chocolate dipping.




Dear chocoholic,

(Know Your Meme)

--Ardilla Feroz


Dear Chocolate,

Bite-sized rice krispy treats! 

Also, instead of dipping strawberries into a chocolate fountain... Might I suggest hollowing out the inside of the strawberry (where you have the nasty white stuff if they're not fully ripe). Then place the melted chocolate inside the strawberry. That way you don't have to worry about the outer chocolate shell breaking off as you bite into it, if you did it the conventional way. Have I done this myself? No, but I pinned it!

-Goldie Rose


Dear Choc,

I have a friend who is very into chocolate fondue, and one thing she always makes are little peanut butter balls like the interiors of these. I can vouch for their delicousness and I highly, highly recommend them. 

-Quixotic Kid