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Question #92641 posted on 09/26/2019 3:18 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

As followers of Jesus Christ, aren't we supposed to speak life into other's lives? [Matthew 12:33-37]

As a non-member of the church I came to this forum hoping to find answers to some questions I had and things I thought could be misconceptions. Instead I found a lot of people being rude and demeaning to other people. So my questions is, why miss an opportunity to evangelize or proselytize to other people by being rude and condescending? The LDS people I have met in the past have been so loving and kind, and I would really hate for someone with questions about LDS beliefs to come to this site and think this is what Mormons are all about.



Dear you,

I have tried really hard to do that. I am sorry for falling short in this area. 

However, I don't want to proselyte. I just want to give my honest opinions and advice. Hopefully it will help someone out there.

Thanks for the feedback though, I really will try to improve!

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear Matthew,

I'm so sorry that is the experience you have had with the 100 Hour Board. I personally have found many thoughtful, well researched, answers to some of the difficult questions that I've had. The 100 Hour Board has answered over 92,000 questions and has existed for over 20 years, so there's been a lot of different writers. Furthermore, we are all students, and as a group 20-somethings are known to sometimes have a snarky sense of humor.

I apologize for your experience. Thanks for the feedback! We care about our readers and will try to be better!




Dear Lively, 

From my long time on the Board, I think there are far more good answers to gospel questions than there are bad or hurtful answers. Generally, we think critically, acknowledge complexity, but appreciate and advocate for faith. We don't shy away from hard questions and we try to be honest. We think it's fair to have a diversity of opinions as well. We have writers who are members, some who are struggling, and some who have left entirely. I think that makes us stronger. As such, we don't always proselytize when we answer gospel questions because the writers aren't obligated to do so if they do not feel that way. We do seek to provide meaningful answers to people's questions, though. 

We're also far from perfect, and sometimes we misunderstand the purpose of people's questions and answer in a bad way. Other times, people ask us legitimately problematic questions seeking only to start an argument. Other times, we might just be insensitive and say something regrettable. When that happens, we're grateful for people who kindly tell us we could try harder, like this one. 

In any case, I would hope that it wasn't a recent answer, or even series of answers, that made you feel this way. If so, please feel free to write to my email so I can be more aware of my mistakes.