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Question #92648 posted on 10/05/2019 10:19 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I’m a senior in high school working on my application to both byu and byui. while I know most people would pick provo if given the choice, i’m curious if anyone likes byui better than provo. with a lot of stereotypes slapped on each school, i find it hard for me to make a good decision without being swayed by what others will think of which school i attend, and creating what may be false impressions of each school. I’m slightly partial to idaho, as i used to live there and miss it. but, i recognize provo could offer more academically. any advice appreciated, or if anyone’s attended both schools i would love to hear your opinion.

-Idaho girl


Dear amiga,

I had a friend who transferred from BYU to BYU-I his sophomore year. He preferred the better teacher-to-student ratio, among other things, and while I feel like he does well no matter whatever school he is at, he excelled at BYU-I.


--Ardilla Feroz


Dear Girlie,

I think Question #92574 might give you some additional insight on the comparison between the BYU and BYU-I. It's not exactly what you're asking, but it may give you some insight on our overall school preferences.

-Goldie Rose