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Question #92659 posted on 09/29/2019 2:18 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What is up with elevator #4 in the SWKT?

-My Name Here


Dear friend, 

It's haunted by the ghost of Robotic Brigham, RIP. 

But really, I rode it from the second floor to the 11th floor and back down 3 times. It seemed like it was like... scraping the sides up towards the 8th - 11th floors? Terrifying. It's bigger than #1 and #2. Also, there was like a freaking green bin in there full of... what looked just like paper or something? That has a sign that says, "These weights must remain in the elevator" so I was pretty convinced I was going to die or something. It made every lurch and drop feel like the end of my life. 

It's probably just a mechanical issue. If the elevator is having some weight issues, they keep that cart in there to make sure it runs properly. Instead, it just made me feel scared. 

I really do think Robotic Brigham is probably just toying with people though. It should be back up to par in no time.