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Question #92665 posted on 10/05/2019 9:06 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

BYU spent tons of money on (unnecessary) retro uniforms and an (unnecessary) throwback version of the football turf. Who do I contact to complain that that money was spent on our football team when their fully functioning uniforms and turf instead of updating the woefully inadequate student wellness center or another better use of that money?


Screw that new turf


Dear Turf,

If it makes you feel better, the new uniforms were provided by Nike, who has a deal with BYU. So BYU didn't spend money on that. BYU has natural grass, which means that the fields get painted. The fields need to get painted every few weeks, and was due for repainting so the retro designs weren't costing any extra either. 

BYU actually does a really good job with their athletics. The most recent data I found showed that BYU athletics makes around $5,000,000 year more than it spends, and that money goes back to the university (source). However, most universities don't make money. As a matter of fact, out of over 350 college athletics programs only 24 made more than they spend according to this official report. So that means that roughly only 1 out of 14 athletic departments make money for their schools.

My sister attended Utah State and spent about $250/semester on "student fees" which basically means paying for sports. It's pretty pathetic how that's common place at most universities, but BYU athletics actually contribute to academic scholarships for regular students so yay!

However, if you still would like to exercise your right to complain about how the university spends money, it appears the budget office would be the people to talk to. If you would like to talk to the athletic department about how they use their funds, here's the directory. Hope this helps!



posted on 10/07/2019 8:55 p.m.
Oh oh oh. This is really important. BYU is actually really responsible when it comes to athletics comparatively because they don’t dip into tuition or take tax money like public universities do AT ALL. Also, football is the only profitable sport. Men’s Basketball breaks even and everyone else plays at a loss of money. Nearly every single sport at BYU exists because of football. All the money comes from tickets and private donations and that money is expected to go to the programs. I think you will find that the budgets between athletics and the general student body don’t mix easily and your words won’t make it very far until you donate $1 million yourself.

The real questions to ask are: why BYU keeps losing easy games despite the large budget, and why so many people care more about football than other athletics or academics.

But there’s a large correlation between football money donated and general university money donated. People are willing to give more money to academics when the team looks awesome. Higher education is weird.
posted on 10/08/2019 2:32 p.m.
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