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Question #92671 posted on 10/04/2019 3:50 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I just bought the second edition of Camel Up! Question, though. I noticed that the first version was published by Z-Man and the second version was published by Eggertspiele. How does that work? Did the latter company have to buy the rights from Z-Man, or did the creator somehow decide to create a new version and sell it elsewhere?



Dear homesar,

We have no idea, and we're sorry, but probably not as sorry as Z-Man.


--Ardilla Feroz


Dear homie, 

I really did look, I promise. I couldn't find a record of a purchase, transaction, agreement or otherwise. People simply refer to them as different versions. 

But! What I did find calls into question whether Z-Man was actually the first publisher. You can buy the original version of the game from the Eggertspiele (Pegasus Spiele) website, and they're also listed as the publisher for the first version. Z-man Games doesn't even have Camel Up listed on their website. Methinks Z-man had some sort of arrangement with Eggertspiele as far as releasing the game in the U.S. for cheaper, but I don't think Z-Man was the creator or publisher of the game. 

From this blog post it may be surmised that these hypothetical arrangements occurred because both companies had a relationship with Sophie Gravel, who at one point owned F2Z games, who owned Z-Man. She left F2Z and started Plan B Games, which ultimately acquired Eggertspiele, so surely there's something there.

I'm not sure how thoroughly that answered your question, but hopefully you found some solace in these findings.