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Question #92678 posted on 10/14/2019 1 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are all the webmails you ever had an account on?

-HoTMaiL, Yahoo!, Gmail


Dear All The Mails,

I could just tell you a number and be done with it, but where's the fun in that?!

  1. I started off with a sbcglobal.net email with a childhood nickname (many regrets). (Yahoo)
  2. Then I got a crappy email that's now my spam email (still with that nickname). (Gmail)
  3. Got another for my teenage years with a cute nickname. (Yahoo)
  4. I wanted to be more professional so I got the stereotypical first initial + last name. (Gmail)
  5. Went on a mission and got a myldsmail.net account.
  6. Unsuccessfully attempted to make a new email to transfer my mission emails... Lost em all. (Yahoo)
  7. Got accepted to BYU and signed up for my BYU.edu email.
  8. Got married and created a new email to match my last name. (Gmail)
  9. Had an email with the church when I had my internship at the FHL. (Outlook)
  10. Created another for my genealogy side business. (Gmail)
  11. Then my email for the Board: Goldie.Rose(at)theboard(dot)byu(dot)edu (Feel free to ask me any genealogical questions -wink wink-)
Never had a Hotmail, ymail, or anything else of the sort. I have way too many email addresses... 

-Goldie Rose

Dear Email Accountant,
I actually have 12 email accounts, all on gmail...
I have my main email, two emails for social media accounts for one of my hobbies, two spam email accounts (one family spam email and one personal that I don't use), two work emails (one professional and one unprofessional), my mission email, an email for a club I'm in, two emails that I don't use much at all, and then of course my board email <inklings(at)theboard(dot)byu(dot)edu>! I would say that I am probably active on 8 of those emails. You could also count my BYU email, but that's only a forwarding address and I can't send emails from it.
Other than these, I used to have a network solutions email with my name, but have since moved over to gmail, just because it is simpler and has an easier user interface.
On Tues, Oct 1, 2019 at 10:01 AM HoTMaiL, Yahoo!, Gmail wrote:
Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are all the webmails you ever had an account on?

Dear emailer,

Besides specific organization emails like from my mission or the Board, I have only ever had one email account. If email accounts can count as possessions, it's up there as one of my prized ones. In fourth grade, one of my friends moved halfway through the year. I was dying to stay in touch with her, and I begged my mom for an email account. So on Christmas Day in 2006 I found an invitation to Gmail from my older sister in my stocking. The email account has definitely outlasted the Magnetix that I also begged for that year.

I suppose there's also the more "professional" account that my ninth grade Career and Life Planning teacher forced me to make (also Gmail), but generally I like to pretend this one doesn't exist. I'm still bitter about it because she wouldn't let me use my regular email even though it's just my first and middle name which I think is perfectly acceptable. Just to spite her, I have essentially refused to use the new account, so there are only like five emails in the inbox. It's yet to cause me any problems.

All this to say, I am a Gmail user through and through. Even the organization accounts I've had have all been hosted through Gmail. It's actually a little sad how terrible I am at navigating the Outlook account at my job. Either Gmail is way more intuitive or I've just been using it since I was nine.




Dear You've Got Mail, 

I have only ever used Gmail before, some accounts were 'business' accounts that functioned through Gmail. A summary: 

1) Personal 'spam' account. This is the one I use to sign up for coupons and discounts, as well as other general uses. I do check this, because I use discount codes very frequently. 

2) Personal 'important stuff' account. This one I use for all school stuff, work stuff, my Amazon stuff, and actually personally emailing people like family. I don't use it to sign up for anything, so I pretty rarely get spam on this one. 

3) Board account. Hit me UP! This one is pretty self-explanatory. Fun fact, the addresses for our Board emails are "@theboard.byu.edu" but technically they work through Gmail. 

4) High School account. Obviously, I don't check this anymore, but this was how we turned stuff in and emailed our teachers in high school, and we pretty extensively used Drive as well. 

5) High School Yearbook account. I was the Chief Editor my senior year, so I still have access to my high school's yearbook gmail. I wonder what's going on in there....

6) Work account. Technically everyone in my office uses this, but it's how people tell us what they want. I only ever check it at work, and it's incredibly boring

I guess I'm just loyal to Google... or maybe I'm just too young to have ever had anything else. 




Dear email friend,

I used to have an email address at sbcglobal.net but all my email addresses after that have been Gmail addresses. It's not that exciting but I wanted to share my favorite email address that I have. I have a birthday email address! It's an email address that I use exclusively to sign up for birthday offers and other promotional type things. I don't usually use it that often but every year my birthday comes around and I have free food for like a week!

Keep it real,
Turbo Teen


Dear HYG,

My first email was through a private domain name that my dad created, so I could only access it on a home computer. When I went off to college, I created a Gmail account and had my previous email forwarded there.

Other than those, I have my Board account which likewise goes through Gmail, then my Disney and grad school accounts which are both in Outlook.




Dear you,

Just gmail, the board email, BYU email aliases, and now my work email.



Dear Juno.com,

Honestly, there was a period in middle school where I made 6 different email accounts. I have no idea what 13-year-old needs that many but here are some highlights from my years online:

1. My first email account was a Gmail and had "Barfs" in the title because I was 8 and thought that was funny

2. I made a bunch of random Gmail ones in middle school so that I could flex on everyone else with my 6 email accounts

3. A professional Gmail that is just my first and last name

4. A spam Gmail account. I thought the name I gave it was really funny and clever but then the guy working on my phone at Verizon read the email address out loud and I was mortified

5. A Gmail account through my high school that I didn't know existed until I was a senior

6. Three different work email addresses through Outlook (only one is still active)

7. A fake Gmail account to get another free month of Netflix

8. My byu.edu email for all things cougars and those student discounts you get if you have a college email

9. My board email