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Question #92686 posted on 10/14/2019 1 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Have you decided on your Halloween costume, if you're dressing up?



Dear Dracula,

I have! I'm going as a female version of Syndrome from The Incredibles (so with a dress instead of a jumpsuit).




Dear Vampy Vamp,

Simply, Prego sauce. If this belly would hurry up and grow more by the end of this month! I'm going to be in the third trimester by Halloween and people still aren't noticing I'm pregnant.

Also, I'm (successfully?) trying to convince Carl to dress up as a chef. He wishes he had known about it sooner so he could be an Italian chef with a curly mustache. Alas, he has recently cut off his beard.

-Goldie Rose


Dear Bela Lugosi,

I would really like to live up to my 'nym, but I don't know that I have much money to spend on cosplay. I'd also have to get a pair of contact lenses, which is if anything a bigger hurdle. Glasses are a surprisingly annoying impediment to good costumes without them.

So, maybe it'll happen, maybe it won't. We'll see.




Dear Vlad,

At my work, my team has decided to all along with the theme of Coco (the Disney movie), so I will be dressing up as one of the filler skeletons from that.



Dear Count, 

I tried to convince Pebble to dress up as Darcy so I could dress up as Lizzy Bennett but he just didn't want to bother. So I probably won't dress up. That's okay though, because I don't like Halloween anyway. 

But if anyone has access to Regency outfits or patterns to make them, PLEASE email me because these are the only costumes I will ever accept, and I might actually enjoy some small aspect of this horrible holiday. 




Dear Vlady,

I really wanted to do make a custom Iron Man costume out of foam. I've watched about 10 hours of YouTube videos and have plans and everything. But, due to personal reasons I will be dressing up as a hot mess instead. I'm so hyped for my costume that I've been wearing it for the past few weeks and will continue to wear it long after Halloween...



Dear vampire friend,

I am going classic and legitimately just going to cut holes in a sheet and be a ghost this year.

Keep it real,
Turbo Teen


Dear Bram Stoker,

Halloween got a lot more exciting when I could do couples costumes, because I just don't have enough Halloween spirit to dress up by myself, but coming up with coordinating couples costumes is a ton of fun. This year, though, I want to come up with something that I can wear to school as a teacher, so couples costumes are out the window. I'm thinking I'll either dress up as a generic Hogwarts character (like with a Ravenclaw scarf and a witches hat), or as a doctor/nurse (with scrubs and a lab coat), because both are pretty lowkey, and I'm not about to be the teacher who kids secretly take pictures of for their social media because of some outlandish costume.




I'm going to be a spoOoOoky skeleton! I'm so excited.