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Question #92704 posted on 10/19/2019 12:26 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Love your work. I've been wondering, from what population does the Choose 2 Give campaign select its recipients? I've always been curious because their website doesn't make it clear how they select awardees other than being need-based. It doesn't appear to be open to the general BYU public as I never heard of an opportunity to apply. Some folks have told me they only select from students volunteering with BYUSA, which seems to be possible since their website testimonials include a former vice president.

-BBZ Prada


Dear Chanel,

I reached out to the BYU Student Alumni Association, who run the campaign. The volunteer I spoke to told me that she wasn't sure, but she thinks that the dean of each college allocates the funds from that college's fundraising events. For example, the College of Engineering hosts a Choose 2 Give event every year, so Michael Jensen would be in charge of deciding how those funds are distributed. If any readers know more, feel free to drop a correction.