"I like fiery passion, actually." - Olympus

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What rumors have you heard about April 2020 General Conference?

-Rumor Has It


Dear Rumor Mill, 

I will posit my own unlikely rumor. Joseph Smith is going to appear as an angel and give us some clarifying doctrine about loving each other and the infiniteness of the grace of God. Maybe then people will stop being so horrible to *cough* some specific groups of people. 




Dear Adele,

My favorite rumor is that we're going to get the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon. That's why President Nelson talked about us studying the Book of Mormon so diligently... to make sure that we're ready to get the sealed portion!!! 

My second favorite rumor is that (one/all) of the Three Nephites are going to speak to us. Who hasn't gossiped and said that an old man in their ward, stake, or branch is one of the three Nephites? 

Other honorable mentions:

  • Other testaments of Jesus Christ will be revealed from other countries around the world (also super cool in case we don't get the sealed portion).
  • ALL of the sessions will be musical numbers in dedication to the 200th anniversary. (Don't believe this one at all.) There could also be dancing, special performances from Donny Osmond, Gladys Knight, David Archuleta, etc. I could see it being more realistic if only one session is all music (but I still doubt that). But I can see the possibility of having special musical performances.
  • The Second Coming of Jesus Christ will happen (it is right before Christ's birthday after all). 

-Goldie Rose


Dear RHI,

The whole thing will just be showing the new Book of Mormon videos. They'll pass out popcorn in the Conference center and interview the main actors (I'd include "actresses" but let's be real none of them will be main characters) afterwards about their spiritual experiences while filming.

But more seriously, I'd guess part or all of it will be broadcasted from the Sacred Grove.

-guppy of doom


Dear Rumor Mill,

The biggest rumor I've heard so far is that they'll announce the building of a temple in Jerusalem, or some other similar thing portending the Second Coming.



Dear Rumor, 

My favorite rumor that gets thrown around before every general conference is that they'll change the word of wisdom so that coffee and tea are allowed. I can just picture people freaking out and driving to their nearest Starbucks the next day to order a plain black coffee. Only to realize that if you're not used to the taste, black coffee without any cream or sugar often tastes like burnt, bitter, sadness. And then people would spend the next month posting on social media about how they tried coffee for the first time. Things would be WILD.




Dear Hasit,

I moved out of Utah recently and am currently living in Missouri. Word on the street around here is that they're going to announce the building of a temple at Far West.

-Quixotic Kid