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Question #92709 posted on 10/23/2019 6:42 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Why aren't there any affordable studio apartments close to BYU? There are probably loads of people who would rather not live with roommates.


My dear,

I think guppy of doom is right. I also assume that it is just part of the culture to make apartments with roommates, so the construction companies build multi-person apartments and that's what managing companies want and are used to and know they can market and sell/manage. I would suggest finding someone that you room well with and then just plan on not spending much time at home so you don't have to deal much with your other roommates. I feel the struggle, though.

During my freshman year, I thought it would be cool to rent out one of those shaved-ice places on the side of the road and make it into a tiny apartment. I still think it would be kind of cool.


P.S. When I saw your question, I thought of this Strange Planet comic


Dear you,

I don't know if this is the official answer, but I'm fairly certain it's because of money. You can make way more off of two people living in one small apartment than one person, because if you put the rent high enough to cover two people's rent, fewer people will want to live there. How do I know this? I used to live at the Moon apartments, where there are two rooms, one bigger and one smaller. The apartments were meant for only three roommates, but the owners decided they would prefer two people paying slightly less instead of one roommate paying slightly more, and started shoving two people into a room meant for one person. I was in that room, and there was room for two beds, one desk, and a dresser that had to be shoved in the closet because it didn't fit in the room. It was a disaster. (They also had a horrible laundry room and I taped up a poem decrying all its problems, and they actually paid attention to my poem and replaced some of the dryers. But then they made them more expensive. Basically, avoid the Moon at all costs.)

-guppy of doom


Dear Friend,

I agree with both Inklings and guppy of doom. I also think there isn't a high demand for studio apartments among BYU students, even though that does sound very niceI wouldn't have to hear my roommate's snoring. From what I've gathered from my friends and other college students, a lot of them prefer to spend as little money as possible. Since they are already paying for tuition and probably not working full-time, I could see a lot of people taking the cheaper 6-person apartment over a studio that is a little more expensive. 

Personally, I would love to someday live in a studio apartment with floor to ceiling glass windows. Would I be the first to die in an earthquake? Absolutely. But worth it for that view.



posted on 10/23/2019 9:34 a.m.
It would also be hard to get a studio apartment approved as BYU off-campus housing if the bed is in the common area, which is typical of studio apartments. I feel like that right there is probably a main reason there aren't more studio apartments near campus. BYU students living there wouldn't be able to ever have members of the opposite sex over to their apartments without violating the Residential Living Standards part of the Honor Code ("Visitors of the opposite sex are permitted in living rooms and kitchens but not in the bedrooms in off-campus living units", source:
posted on 10/23/2019 3:46 p.m.
The Off-Campus Housing Office has explicitly stated they will not approve studio style units. Since they will never be approved, "there is no demand".