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Question #92717 posted on 10/29/2019 6:06 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

My subconscious has been really creative lately. The last few nights, I've dreamed (a) that I was surprised to arrive at my sister's wedding and find she was marrying someone I'd never met; (b) that my whole family (6 siblings + 2 parents + me) moved into my PhD advisor's two-bedroom house with Advisor and Wife still living there; and (c) that my dad was getting into Holocaust denialism.

I don't normally remember my dreams, so it feels unusual for me to have such a rash of clear and lucid ones right in a row. What's more, it's unusual for me to be able to tie them so directly to my explicit anxieties (that my siblings will marry people I don't know, that people I respect would be embarrassed by my family, that my dad is moving further toward the extreme political right).

Do you want to tell us about your dreams? Do you have any recurring ones? Any standard ones that lots of people have? Unusual ones? Vivid ones? Terrifying ones? Happy ones? Do you feel they say anything about who you are or what your anxieties are?

-Not Freddy Kruger


Dear Bernard Kroger, 

Like mentioned, we've done this before but I have PLENTY of new material. Behold! 

Two weeks ago I had a nightmare where Pebble's ring was way too big and the return policy for the Etsy shop I bought it from was atrocious... plus when I went to the UPS store to send it back, the cashier was actually the devil. So that was pretty intense. Luckily, it turned out not to be real and the ring fit perfectly. 

Then, about a day or two later, I dreamt about Pebble getting shot on our wedding day. That one was intense. Freaking Jane the Virgin has been messing with my psychology. 

A couple of nights ago I dreamt that I was driving in a truck with my brother and I heard something weird behind us so I turned around and there was a face staring at me in the window. Then this darkly dressed figure climbed atop the roof like that freaky sloth monster from Moana and I told my brother to stop the car... he slams on the breaks, the dude tumbles down the front of the car, and then we run him over. Later his identity is discovered. He was a serial killer (maybe ease off the podcasts a little, Guesthouse). I didn't sleep the rest of that night and I had to turn some lights on. 

Last night I had a dream that I slept through the Coldplay double single release, which was a little traumatic for me. This is where I will now take some time to tell you that if you haven't listened to "Arabesque" and "Orphans," GO DO IT RIGHT NOW BECAUSE AHHHHH! 

Obviously wedding planning stuff is one of the major things I'm thinking about. It's nice to not have to deal with dreams about schoolwork and stuff as much recently. 




Dear "Not" Freddy Kruger,

I answered Board Question #92476 which has information on common dreams and what they mean.

I don't experience reoccurring dreams unfortunately. But I have some fun dreams every now and then! I used to have real vivid dreams when I was first pregnant. But since my sleep has been absolute crap now that I'm in the third trimester, I don't really dream much anymore...

I had a crazy dream earlier this week that I could see my baby's hand stretch out of my stomach and part of his arm was pushed out as well. I slammed my hand to push it back in and it worked... but then he'd push out his arm in a different place. It was somewhat horrifying because I find those videos of super pregnant women recording the baby push out WAY too far. I mean, I can see the little flinches but nothing that extreme. So I'm sure I had a dream about that since he kicks and punches so much. I'm pretty sure earlier this month I felt his entire hand when he was moving around.

Another dream I had this week I was chilling with Ed Sheeran (which is hilarious since I've had a dream about him before around the time I saw him in concert, but I've literally never dreamed about any other singer). It was right before one of his concerts and I got super good seat since we're pals. But then I guess I woke up or it just morphed into me protecting this baby (not mine) from this creepy creep person. I was running away and refused to have this baby to receive any harm! I think I did a pretty good job, since that's my last recollection of the dream and I woke up.

But since starting the beginning of this answer over a week ago, I just now remembered that I've had two dreams where I've been bitten by two poisonous snakes on my hand. Dreammoods states, "to see a snake or be bitten by one in your dream signifies hidden fears and worries that are threatening you. Your dream may be alerting you to something in your waking life that you are not aware of or that has not yet surfaced." Well, ain't that dandy.  I fear labor like nobody's business, so maybe that's what it's all about.

-Goldie Rose


Dear I think you were in my dreams this week,

I usually have pretty vivid dreams, but I don't remember them for very long. Sometimes anxieties or current events will work their way into my dreams, but usually they're pretty random and just plain weird (but in a good way). So for instance this week I dreamed about weddings - I was part of a cake baking competition and asked if the judge would bake me a wedding cake for free - and a knife murderer who killed everyone in some random house with me, then shifted into an active shooter at my new workplace where I realized there was no place to hide.

Not a fun dream.

-guppy of doom


Dear Not,

Have I told the Board about the recent dream I had where one of my students pushed me into a volcano and then laughed as I died? I think it says a lot about the anxieties I have about that specific student.

Since seeing this question I've been trying to remember my dreams each night, and wowee I hadn't realized before how many stressful teaching dreams I have until now. This week I had one pretty generic dream about being behind on grading (speaking to my anxieties about grading) and one about some students somehow stealing my shoes and drop kicking them off school property, and then all the other teachers judged me for letting students get ahold of my shoes in the first place (speaking to my anxieties about being judged for not being a good teacher). And I had another dream where the principal came to observe me teach and afterwards told me I failed because 6 kids were smoking weed in the back of the class the entire time and I didn't notice (speaking to my anxieties about being observed by the administration).

I also had one this week that wasn't initially about teaching; it was this adventure-y life or death situation and I was some Indiana Jones type character. But then the person I had to work with to figure out the puzzle that would save us all was my student who recently moved here from Mongolia, and I couldn't communicate with him because he doesn't speak any English and I don't speak any Mongolian. Also in that dream I had to climb up a staircase to save everyone, but it was really narrow and kept getting smaller as I climbed, until I was wedged in it and couldn't go any further, so between that and the complete lack of communication, I think we all died. That dream was pretty obviously about my anxiety over not being able to communicate with my Mongolian student, as well as probably some anxiety over gaining weight.

Apparently I only have stressful dreams about teaching now. This is my new life.



Dear Kreddy Frueger,

I normally don't remember my dreams, but this must be your lucky week because I had one last night that I remembered!

As I was walking down University Avenue in downtown Provo, I passed a group of people. I realized that one of the people was my mission president, but it wasn't until I was ahead of them already, so I didn't say hi. But then he called my name and said hi, and I was surprised that he knew my first name. 

That's it. That's the dream.




Dear person,

Last night, I dreamt our neighbor willingly allowed us to down the blue spruce blocking our view from his yard, and then obligated us to come by the next morning to help him throw away two hundred rotten pizzas.


-Ardilla Feroz


Dear Aziraphale,

So after getting a car, I was plagued by constant nausea, and vivid nightmares every night for like a month because I was so terrified and anxious about driving. Most of the nightmares involved driving head on into other cars, but some of them were just... strange. 

In one nightmare, I found myself back in the Zupas where I worked for a summer a couple of years ago. The restaurant was mainly dark, but had a weird, reddish light. It was mainly deserted, except for a girl whom I had disliked from one of my old wards. She and this other guy then decided to summon Satan in the form of a giant (like, 20 feet long), bright red snake. This girl then chased me around with the Satan-snake to get it to bite, laughing as they did. As I was pleading for them to stop, I woke up.