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Question #92723 posted on 12/26/2019 5:01 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Do you believe in extraterrestrials? If so, do you think they've ever had contact with Earth?

- The BYU Buckeye


Dear Buckeye,

This is a question that I wish I could answer with any amount of surety. I don't think I have enough information to really believe one way or the other on whether or not extraterrestrials exist or if they've had contact with Earth. However, I definitely have hope that they do exist because it frightens me to think that there is no one outside of this planet. While the world is so big, that just makes me feel really alone and scared to think that this is all there is in the universe.

In an episode of This American Life, I was first introduced to this idea that we might be alone in the universe since no one, in theory, has contacted us yet. It's called "Fermi's paradox." After listening to it, I got really sad because it made me actually consider for the first time that we might be alone. And while the world is amazing and fascinating, it made me realize that maybe the universe isn't as fantastical as I think it is.

So, I honestly have no idea what I believe about extraterrestrials but I really hope they exist.




Dear Ohio,

Fun fact: There's a way to quantify the possibility that intelligent, communicative life exists outside Earth. It's called the Drake equation, and I had to use it in one of my high school classes. It's not actually a very useful equation (because of the amount of sheer guesswork it requires, among other reasons), but it's pretty fun to research and think through all the different variables.

Current estimates vary widely depending on what numbers you use. Some scientists have predicted that humans are all alone, and others have predicted that there are over 15 million intelligent civilizations in our universe (source). So, there are no wrong answers. Compute away!




Dear Buckeye,

Heck yeah I believe in extraterrestrials. The universe is so incredibly vast that there are countless other planets with conditions suitable for carbon-based life. I don’t believe that extraterrestrials look like us, or even our typical depiction of aliens, but I think it would be awfully egocentric of us to think they don’t exist at all. As to whether they’ve ever tried to contact us, I’m a firm maybe. 



Dear Buckeye, 

Yes? But not definitively.

I want to believe.jpg (source)

No, I don't believe they've yet contacted Earth. 


Guesthouse (Mulder?) 


Dear Buckeye,

The Commander says the aliens are the ones who created the machines to invade Earth, but no one's so much as seen them for a long, long time. Why would you invade a planet and start a war just to vanish without a trace like that? I wonder if YoRHa has any other data on them somewhere on the Bunker's server...

- 9S


Dear you,


-guppy of doom


Dear BYUB,

I was listening to a podcast and they said there's a conspiracy that Elon Musk is an extraterrestrial and I am 5000% behind this.




Dear Aziraphale, 

I do believe that there is life somewhere out in the universe besides Earth. I do not believe there has ever been any kind of contact from these beings with Earth.



Dear Soapberry,

The short answer is no.

Actually, that's the whole answer because I don't have a long version. I just don't really believe in extraterrestrials.