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Question #92725 posted on 10/25/2019 12:06 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Where do you think the new Orem temple will be built? I'm thinking west Orem near Vineyard.



Dear Llatinama,

Have you been a reader since 2006 like myself? I googled "Llatinama" and this question popped up in the search results, along with another one of your questions posted on the same day.


I don't really have any personal guesses myself other than the theories that I've heard. The two most likely theories to me is the one you mentioned and the other is where the abandoned golf course is down Provo Canyon. I personally think Vineyard is a better idea, but it doesn't really affect me as I no longer live in Utah County.

-Goldie Rose

P.S. I'm very proud to say that the Tuesday before conference I told my parents that the Orem Temple was going to be announced. My Mom was asking if I've heard or had any crazy rumors floating around and I came up with the Orem Temple myself! My INFJ psyche is strong.


Dear Llama, 

I think you're right. The Vineyard area makes the most sense to me. We probably don't need another one super close to Provo, so on the other side of the freeway where they're developing more houses already is a sensible option. 

I also considered that perhaps finding a spot over towards where Target is - in other words, a little bit more north - might make sense. It's closer to the center of the city and the residences of a lot of people.