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Question #92726 posted on 10/27/2019 8:06 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I have a bit of a conundrum that I want to get your help with. I recently found a watch that lets me time travel. If I turn the bezel to the right I move forward in time and if I turn the bezel to the left I move backwards in time. Due to the enormous amount of energy that time travel requires, I am only able to move forwards or backwards 100 hours.

I want to use this miraculous gift of time travel to help other people, but things are much more difficult than I imagined. The problem I am having is that I hear about a shooting or terrorist attack or accident on the news and then I go back in time to prevent this event from happening, but no one will believe me.

I have gone back in time and called the police or FBI about the pending event, but I am often disregarded as a prank caller. In the few rare cases that they will listen to me, they demand details of the event, but all I have are the few scant details that I saw in the newspaper.

The other issue is that after the event occurs, the FBI is very suspicious about the tipster that happened to know about the shooting/terrorist attack/accident before it happened. I have been questioned for hours by the FBI who demanded to know what I knew. I told them that I just had a gut feeling that an attack would occur, and in the absence of evidence, they had to let me go.

So my question is what can I do, after I go back in time, to help stop a shooting/terrorist attack/accident without getting disregarded as a prank caller or investigated by the FBI? I have thought about trying to stop the events myself, but I am ill equipped to handle these events on my own.

I'll just zoom forward 100 hours to catch your answer.

-Time Rewind

P.S. To prove that time travel is real, I went forward in time to see that this question will be #92726

P.S.S. I also saw that Inklings' answer to this question received 12 thumbs up votes in the first 100 hours after posting.


Dear TR,

Why are you worried about getting investigated by the FBI? Secrets are for people with something to hide. What do you have to hide, TR? What secrets hide behind that wristwatch? 

Here's what you do in order to be successful. You travel forward a large amount of time. Do this until the future becomes too dangerous to proceed. Then you print out articles about all the events you are hoping to stop. If you're far enough in the future there will be full investigations completed so you should have good info. Also, print out sports scores for 1-3 days after you intend to go back in time.

Then go way way back in time, box all the articles up, and mail them to the FBI. I'm sure they'll be incredulous and suspicious at first, but when they see that you've correctly guessed several days of sports scores and news events they will start taking things more seriously. I mean, if you received a mysterious box from the future that was insanely accurate, would you believe it?

But if you’re a time traveler and you came back in time to ask this question does that mean that you've tried this already and it didn't work? Are our answers are doomed to fail? Is there no free will? Hast thou slain the agency of man with the sword of time, TR? Is that why you hide? What have you done? Will your heroic deeds atone for your crimes against the very fabric of our universe?

Only time will tell TR. Only time will tell.



Dear Time Rewind,

Thank you for all of the times you have asked this question, and best of luck with all the times you will ask it again. Next time, I would suggest reaching out to us in person through our emails and asking, though you may have already tried that. I think that one of the first things that you need to do is understand the nature of your time-traveling watch. There are many different theories on how time travel works, and some of them are explained very well here.

Basically, the concept of time travel opens up a lot of different possibilities with parallel universes. As I understand it for you, you can travel in bursts of 100 hours at a time, but I may be wrong. Unfortunately, your question raises a lot of different questions, so before I get into any suggestions for you, I have some questions that you need to answer:

1) What can you take back in time with you? Is it only your person and the watch? The clothes you are wearing? Anything you are holding? Anything inside your body? What if you try to go into the past with someone else? How far does the duplication of space extend?

The reason that this is important is that by using this, you will know what you can make copies of by using your watch. I would suggest going back into the same point of time in the past and see if you have a duplicate. If so, this would be the best proof that you can form a duplicate of yourself, and this would also be great proof to others that you can, in fact, time travel (especially if there are multiple copies). This also presents a danger if the government finds out, since they may want to use your time travel for their own purposes.

2) What happens to the copy of you in the future? Do they exist in the dimension that you came from, or is there only ever one copy of you at the age that you are? Does that copy die? Going back to a place and time that you time travelled from should show this. That way, you will also likely know if you are traveling through dimensions or just traveling between times in a single dimension, or at least in a connected set of parallel universes.

3) How far into the past/future can you go? Can you take multiple steps into the future or past? Is there any way to go at a non-multiple of 100?

4) What type of energy does your watch run off of? Where does the energy come from? How long can you expect it to last? Note: If you can confirm that the watch is duplicated when you go back in time, then this will not be a problem for you, since you could just get a copy from the past. However, you will also need to ensure that this is a true copy. To do this, you can go back into the past, make a mark on the watch, and trade it with your past self's watch. If no mark shows up on your new watch, you may be able to mitigate the effects of wear by trading your watch to the watch of your "past". Maybe they're just you in another dimension, though. There might just be no way of effectively getting more energy to power your watch. You also probably will want to know where the watch came from. You may be able to just go into the past where you found the watch, don't be surprised if one of your future selves gave it to you.

5) To what extent can you change the outcome of things based on your actions? Are certain events inevitable? Does time work like this?

Things to avoid:

1) Going too far into the future. You may be caught in a time trap.

2) Causing any major permanent changes while you still do not understand the nature of time travel. You will have more times to try making these changes, but you might end up accidentally causing a major catastrophe in the dimension that you make those changes in.

3) Telling anyone specific about your watch. You have a lot of power being able to travel through time, and anyone with intentions worse than yours could cause a lot of trouble.

Much of my idea of time travel comes from fiction, so I would suggest that you read up on time travel on the internet and watch some movies where time travel happens to see if you can get a better grip on what is happening. These short films might be a good start.

Once you know the nature of your form of time travel, please get back to us and we would love to help you. Deep in my heart, I know that you are me, and all of us. Thank you Matt Meese.



Dear Time Traveler,

Have you tried *67 so it blocks caller ID when you call the po-po or FBI? I'd use a different phone every day, just in case they're trying to track you down. Bonus points if you use a voice changer every time so they don't know it's you! They can't interrogate you if you don't turn yourself in. 

-Goldie Rose


Dear friend,

Oh my dear, dear friend, haven't you yet realized that there is already a role model for you out there? Someone who also has mysterious ways of knowing future (or current) events to help the police (or others) solve crimes? Someone who has documented their every move so that you, too, can follow their every footstep? I'm talking about the one, the only...


Wait, wait, sorry. There must have been a mistake. I wasn't referring to him. I was referring to...


No that's not right. I mean it is. But it isn't. I meant, of course...


I'm sorry. Something must be wrong. I didn't mean to put her...though I mean technically she fits the bill but...

gH924Hhqk5Mk9guQfxVJsNvcMSq.jpg (astounding!)




izombie.png (fantastic!)






-guppy of doom