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Question #92729 posted on 11/03/2019 10 p.m.

Dear friends,

Will you pick a fun word and invent a wacky backstory for it?

-Folk etymologies


Dear Puff the Magic Etymology,

See my response to Board Question #87366.

-Frère Rubik, checking in


Dear folks,

Here's a wacky backstory for the word "lord." It comes from an Old English word "hlafweard" meaning loaf guard.

Oh wait, that's the actual etymology for the word "lord," not a wacky backstory I invented? Wild. (I learned this one recently, and maybe it's just me, but imagine reading Matthew 7:21: "Not every one that saith unto me, loaf guard, loaf guard, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven." I think that's hilarious.)

I won't pain you with any of the terrible fake etymologies I came up with while trying to answer this question, but here are some other wacky but true etymologies if you're interested.