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Question #92733 posted on 10/30/2019 4:57 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Almost every semester, I schedule my classes just to find out a month later that the professors have switched times and classrooms, so I'm stuck with a different professor in my time-slot. Since I plan my schedule according to which professors are good, I almost always end up with at least one notoriously terrible professor and have to end up rearranging my entire schedule to avoid them.

Is there a timeline where professors are able to switch class times? Are there be deadlines that I should be aware of so that I can know when my schedule is "safe"? Or am I just doomed to change schedules every semester?

-Frustrated class hopper.


Dear Hopper, 

That's very strange, I have never experienced that. Maybe you're just really unlucky? I know they can change schedules around and whatnot, but I'm a Junior and I've never had this happen to me or known anyone that it has happened to. Perhaps there's someone in the registration office that just really has it out for you. 




Dear person,

I don't know any official policy on this but I can conjecture. 

From what I know, administrators try to nail things down at least a few weeks before the beginning of a semester so that students can order textbooks (and possibly other reasons I can't think of). However, there are many legitimate reasons for professors to make scheduling changes and, so long as the department can accommodate them and/or there is an urgent need, department chairs aren't going to tell professors, "No, you have to teach this class at 10 am instead of 4 pm even though you and Dr. So-and-So have mutually decided that trading slots would be mutually beneficial and you were planning on using the same textbook anyway," or "No, you have to teach this evening class even though your husband was just diagnosed with a chronic illness and you want to spend more time at home."

It's rough for students but, ultimately, the university is more concerned about the scheduling needs and wants of its instructors. 



Dear Hopper,

I reached out to someone in the registration office and they said: 

"Talking with our Class Scheduling Department, class time changes and locations are up to the specific department to change. Unfortunately, there is not a specific time as to when they are to not do that anymore. Our specialists said they discourage departments from making changes after students are registered."

I'd suggest checking with the professor whose class you're trying to take or the department the class is in, since it really depends on them.