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Question #92737 posted on 10/30/2019 8:06 p.m.

Dear 100HB

Why did they change SWKT to KMBL?

Sincerely, SR


Dear SR,

Totally just a rumor, but I heard it was because some visiting General Authority or big time donor thought SWKT was disrespectful to President Kimball.

Anyways I think the whole thing is silly, and while they may have changed it to KMBL, we can keep it SWKT. We have the power. Rise up oh loyal cougars and stick it to the man! They can take our tuition money, but they cannot take our SWKT! The administration might tell us that we SWKan't, but we SWCan!

SWKT Today.

SWKT Tomorrow.

SWKT Forever.

May the SWKT be ever in your favor.



Dear señor,

Earlier this year, I found myself at a fancy dinner sitting at a table with Dean Ogles (dean of the Family, Home, and Social Sciences college) and his wife. At some point in the conversation I made some comment about having all my classes in the SWKT. Then there was an awkward pause which confused me until the dean's wife looked at Dean Ogles and said something to the effect of "You're fighting a losing battle, honey." I realized that the awkward pause was because I had called it the "SWKT."  Dean Ogles explained that he was the one behind the change, for basically no other reason than that he thought it was a nice way to honor President Kimball. I told him I had heard a rumor about the Kimball family being upset about it being called the SWKT which made him laugh but he said wasn't true. I guess that doesn't rule out a general authority or a donor being upset about it, but from the conversation I had, it really did seem like it was just a pipe dream of Dean Ogles.