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Question #92739 posted on 11/04/2019 12:29 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So I've been looking into the Technology and Engineering Studies (Technical) major, and it seems really interesting. I plan to continue seeking advisement and finding out more about it on my own, but was hoping one or more of you writers might be someone or know someone in that major who could give me their two cents on their experience in the major so far:

- likes/dislikes about the major
- general experience in the major
- favorite class
- what they want to do with their major (or their emphasis, since this seems like a really flexible major in that regard)
- what kind of people/careers this major caters to in their opinion
- the general vibe of the professors and other faculty/staff
- things you wished you had known before going into this major

...and anything else that comes to mind. Hopefully there will be someone who can vouch for the Technology and Engineering Studies major!

- Major Interest (who kinda wishes there was some sort of equivalent to for majors)


Dear Major,

When I went to talk to my friend who is the secretary for the School of Technology, I ended up talking to a girl who is in the technical track of the Technology and Engineering Studies major. I definitely found someone who could vouch for the major. Here's what she said.

  • She likes how it's a very customizable major. She called it a "build-your-own-major major." There's a few core classes for everyone in the major, but other than that, you can choose what direction you want to go. She loves how hands-on and project-based it is. She also mentioned that she likes that it is an open major, which is a lot less stressful than having to apply for a program. She dislikes that she found the major so late! She wishes it was better advertised and had found it sooner. She also mentioned some of the downsides of it being so customizable: it's less straightforward what classes to take and you have to take some initiative in designing your education. She compared it to a grocery store, rather than other majors that are more like restaurants. 
  • Her favorite class has been Dr. Shumway's basic electronics class.
  • She doesn't know exactly what she wants to do with her degree.
  • In general, the major caters to people who are hands-on learners and good at problem solving. It's also good for someone who wants to dabble in a lot of things. In terms of careers, there are people going into industrial design, graphic design, architecture, user experience, web development, etc.
  • She loves the professors. She said they are funny and personable. Because there are only 3 professors and about 60-70 students, they are all pretty close-knit.
  • She recommended coming to the weekly major seminar if you want get a feel for what the major is like. The speakers could also give you a better idea of what future career options are possible for students in the major. It's technically an actual class (TES 291R), but she said she didn't think anyone would mind/notice if you just sat in a couple times. This semester it's Thursdays at 11am.

Good luck! Hope this helps!




Dear MI,

One of my roommates from last year is in this major. She didn't have time to answer every one of your questions, but she did have some to say:

Teachers: The teachers are welcoming and very willing to work with struggling students. Because there are only three professors specific to the major, students get to know them pretty well. They're great at including all of their students and adjusting things like TA schedules to fit the needs of their students. They understand that different types of teaching are important for different students, and plan their classes accordingly. The teachers and advisors have been eager to give useful guidance with regard to careers and classes. The professors all have a good sense of humor. 

Careers: The students in TES are all over the place, goal-wise. Because of that, the major isn't overly competitive. My friend wants to build boats and pipe organs. Her friends want to do all manner of things, including teach community college classes, build bikes, start a wedding ring company, work in broadcasting and TV journalism, work in graphic design, and teach wood shop. She thinks that all of her friends are pretty prepared for their career. Lots of classes count as electives for the major, as long as you can justify them within your career goals.

Favorite class: Her favorite class so far has been her teaching class. Geoff Wright is the professor for it, and he also teaches other classes within the major. It's a primer on how to teach, how people learn, and pedagogy. She especially likes it because it helps students practice getting over quirks of public speaking. 

Hopefully this helps!