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Question #92744 posted on 11/11/2019 9:02 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Is the name "100 Hour Board" trademarked? Would you sue another 100 Hour Board popping up somewhere else?

- Founder of the Draob Ruoh 001


Dear Backwards.

Try it and find out.



Dear Edema Ruoh,

At one point, there was a blog run by some person that called it something like the 100 Hour Blog, it had been desolate for two years by the time I found it probably five years ago.

It's gone now. In all honesty, though, the likelihood of someone else just answering questions for fun is, well, probably the reason you've got sites like Yahoo! Answers (is that still a thing?) and Quora, which is an awesome source if you'd like get opinions from random citizens of the globe, and a particulary dense aggregation of Indian citizens, for reasons I do not understand.


--Ardila Feroz


Dear friend,

I'd like to think that we would just form an unlikely friendship/partnership with anyone who dared to do such a thing, thereby vanquishing our foes with the force of kindness and the art of the ever-so-slight guilt trip.

Of course, you'd never do anything to necessitate any kind of foe-vanquishing reaction, would you? Because we're friends. 


Josefina, who trusts you not to rock the boat


Dear Aziraphale,

Who needs lawyers when you've got tunnel worms? Trust me, they've proven highly efficient in... removing... such problems in the past.

Definitely unthreateningly yours,