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Question #92759 posted on 11/15/2019 9:30 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What's something that you think more people should know about?



Dear Alta, 

  • Coldplay's new album, Everyday Life. 
  • Global Citizen. 
  • That immigrants actually make our country safer. 
  • Anthony Sweat's Foundations of the Restoration class, which everyone should take. 
  • the 100 Hour Board




Dear Sis,

Online security.



Dear Alta,

As a professional genealogist, it's my responsibility to make sure that those who want to do family history (for the purpose of doing temple work) is doing it properly. 

Note: I type this out of love and not a call to repentance. I feel I've been well taught and feel how real doing one's temple work is, and I want it done correctly so everyone can receive the blessings of the gospel (and not be forgotten) if they accept it. 

Clicking "Ordinances Ready" and printing out those cards is not doing family history, especially if one never clicks on the profile to see what sources are attached to them. I believe that if a person has no sources, we shouldn't be allowed to do their temple work. But the FamilySearch engineers don't believe that, and right now you can literally create a new profile, put a bunch of random information in, and print it out within seconds. -claws eyes out- Not everyone who is on FamilySearch has the best of intentions (as a family history major I've seen some interesting profiles) and can put in fake people for fun. I've also known people who've said, "the spirit told me that so-and-so had a son, so I added him to my FamilyTree." When myself or my colleagues have asked them for their sources to prove that they exist, they deny that they need sources, or they can't find sources to back up their "divine relation." I had a feeling that this infant I was researching was a boy through revelation, but I still continued to find a source to back it up. A while later, I found the source that proved his gender and I was so much more satisfied having a source to prove it. (And now we're naming our son after him, since that infant is the reason why I switched my major to family history and genealogy.) 

When it comes to the gospel, temple work isn't just for an individual person, it's for families. Sometimes people try to do all of the work for an entire family that's already there, but it's common for children to be added to the wrong parents. (That's what happened to my third-great grandfather and I debunked it in one of my classes, he was already sealed to them and everything.) Also, not all of the children may have been found that belongs to the family. Verifying relationships is one of the most important parts of doing family history. I've heard stories where a son is sealed to his mother as her husband. That's not awkward at all... But when you think of it, most people are interested in doing family history so they can say that they're doing family history... because they feel guilted into it. (Which I wish wasn't the case because it can be very rewarding once you start feeling the love of your ancestors.) Once a person's work has been done (or an entire family) most people aren't going to go back and verify that everything was done correctly. They'll just go to a different line to find people where the temple work needs been done. And that my friends, is why I think it's important to verify that those people are real, and that they are linked correctly to their spouses and parents. Try to imagine being one of those people where they're incorrectly sealed to someone, and everyone is passing you by because you no longer have a green temple on your profile. I, personally, find it to be heartbreaking. These temple cards aren't just a name, they're a real person who desperately want to have their ordinances done.

Don't feel bad if you've done green temple hunting, that's how I started doing family history myself before anyone taught me how to do genealogy. But now you know and can start verifying relationships with sources. -thumbs up-

If you don't know how to add/and or verify sources (and want to learn how) to ensure that a person is officially ready to take to the temple, please please please email me- Goldie.Rose(at)theboard.byu.edu and I will be more than happy to send you some of my Sunday School powerpoints (back when we had Family History as a Sunday School option).

To those who are more advanced in doing family history, I caution the importance of merging people correctly. This is not at the fault of the FamilySearch user, but it's the fault of the engineers. (Engineers are not usually genealogists, so we genealogists have beef with them quite a bit.) After someone hits the "Possible Duplicates" and chooses to merge two people together, it's very important on who is on the left side of the screen (aka the person's profile that is going to exist and not be deleted). If the person on the right has their temple work done and the person on the left doesn't have their work done, it is very important for those two persons to "switch positions."


FamilySearch is not capable of merging the completed temple work onto a different profile. So if the profile with the completed temple work gets deleted (the one on the right), then you have to do the temple work for that person all over again. If you try to un-merge them, the temple work doesn't come back. The only way for someone to avoid doing the temple work again is if they have the temple card that proves all of the work has been done. You'd have to contact FamilySearch with an attachment of the card and they could fix it. But if you don't have it, then it has to be done all over again.

I don't know if that oddity is common knowledge with those who use FamilySearch, sometimes people roll their eyes at me and say they knew that a long time ago. But I always want to make sure because having to do it all over again is time consuming. (And this whole merging mess is one of the reasons why I'm upset that Utah County Temples don't give your temple cards back for safe keeping.

-Goldie Rose


Dear Alta,

Sports. I wish people knew more about sports. Okay, so I know that sports is pretty well known, but there's a lot about sports that people don't know about. Even if you don't find watching sports entertaining, there's a lot that's really cool about sports:

  • Sports is the greatest collection of narratives in history: There are hundreds, nearly thousands of sports teams, each filled with players from all walks of life. Every single sporting event has multiple storylines, not just for teams but for individual players. The last few days I have been watching a bunch of sports mini-documentaries and it is enthralling. Y'all hit me up if you want some good documentaries.
  • Sports bring people together: The camaraderie and community that sports builds can be pretty special. After Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, their baseball team the Houston Astros, won the World Series. It brought the town together and star football player JJ Watt raised $40 million dollars to help rebuild Houston. When the Las Vegas shooting happened, the city rallied around their newly formed hockey team, who became the first ever expansion team to make it to the Stanley Cup. Idaho still bonds together over Boise St. winning the Fiesta Bowl 13 years ago. Heck, North and South Korea hosted the Winter Olympics together.
  • Sports actually doesn't matter: One of the most beautiful thing about sports is that it doesn't matter. It's so cathartic to pour your emotions into something that doesn't matter. It's great to scream at a TV screen for 3 hours and then if my team loses it doesn't even matter. Sports gives us a break from things that matter.
  • Sports can do things that matter though: Sports is pretty good about bringing much needed political conversations to the public eye. Colin Kaepernick helped bring racial injustice to the public consciousness, and the US Women's Soccer team brought gender pay equality into a greater light. Sports has long been politically progressive, and athletes give back to their communities in huge ways.
  • Sports makes sense: Sports make sense and life doesn't. Sports has a clear winner and a clear loser. It has a start time and an end time. Two competing teams. I think one thing that people like about sports is that sports is like we want life to be. Sports is inspiring because we can see the winning, the losing, the tragedy and the triumphs. In life we don't get to see that, so it's cool to see it in sports.

Anyways, those are some cool things about sports that don't relate to sports themselves. I hope this will give people some new perspectives because all this stuff is pretty cool.




Dear Awesome Alta,

This game. I've been in training for my new job for the past three weeks and it is boring as heck because I'm used to being thrown into the deep end of the pool and figuring everything out myself. It's super weird and boring to be slowly walked through everything I need to do. (Though admittedly I'm quite happy they flew me out to Chicago for a few days for training.) But basically I've been playing this game, Universal Paperclips, whenever I'm bored (which is a lot). It's a great game to play at work because it doesn't look like a game and if anyone just glanced at my screen they'd assume it's part of my trainings. Currently I'm on my fourth universe and third sim level and nobody at work has noticed anything.

-guppy of doom


Dear Me From the Past,

I totally forgot I had asked this question until I was scrolling through the inbox, but I've decided to take advantage of this opportunity and get on my most cherished soapbox. STAY OUT OF THE LEFT LANE IF YOU'RE GOING SLOW. The left lane is supposed to be a PASSING lane, and if you're choosing to drive 10 under the speed limit, obstinately in the left lane, nobody can use it to pass the slowpokes in the other lanes, and everyone gets stuck going slower than they want because just one person doesn't know the rules of the road. Don't be that person. 

Also, even if you feel like you're going pretty fast in the left lane, you still need to get out of the way if someone comes up faster behind you. Maybe your speedometer is slightly slow, so you're not as much of a speed demon as you thought. Maybe their speedometer is slightly fast so they think you're slower than you really are. Maybe their wife is having a baby in the backseat as they drive and they need to get to the hospital ASAP. Maybe they're just in a hurry. It doesn't matter what their reason is, just get out of their way if they're going faster than you. You can secretly hope and pray that they get pulled over for speeding, but don't be the person who deliberately slows down just to bother someone driving behind them. You're not only being rude, but also dangerous to everyone behind you who has to suddenly slam on their brakes. And it doesn't just affect the one person who's behind you, but everyone behind them, too, and is overall an obnoxious thing to do.