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Question #92765 posted on 11/25/2019 2:42 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What's your guys' enneagram types?



Dear Killed the Cat, 

I took 2 of the tests that were listed by some of the other writers here. 

1st test (9types.com): 

- Type 1 (7 points) 

- Type 2 (5 points) 

everything else was too small to take note of. 

2nd test (truity.com): 

- Type 8 (81%)

- Type 2 (79%) 

- Type 3 (78%)

- Type 1 (75%) 

In my opinion, that second test was pretty useless because on any given day it could type me as any of the 4 of the ones I listed. They're that close. 

I've also taken it before and gotten type 6 and type 9... so... take that information for what you will. 

If I were to type myself, I think I fall under a type 2 (the giver... when I read the descriptions it felt the most accurate) or Type 1 (a perfectionist, likes to do things right.) 

Personally, I have not found the Enneagram tests to be very good at capturing my identity, the personality test that I feel best describes me is still my MBTI type (INFJ). I'm a very contradictory person. I'm strong-willed and I stand up for things that I care about, but I am also a deeply empathetic person. I spend a lot of time thinking critically and analytically, but I also spend a lot of time feeling deeply (and crying, let's be honest.) I care about doing well and being successful, and I like to be recognized for my successes by others... but I also see the traditional measures of success to be flawed and inconsequential. 

You can see why most personality tests suck at figuring me out in a simple way. The description for INFJ is the only one that I have felt captures all that complexity. 


Guesthouse ☾☀


Dear Curious George,

I took the test once, I didn't agree with it and I overthought it. Maybe I'll try again...

-a few moments later-

I took the Truity test and I actually think it's more accurate. Here we're my top three:

  1. Type 2 (67%)
  2. Type 3 (66%)
  3. Type 1 (61%)

As many others on here, I'm also an INFJ and feel like that the Myers Briggs test describes me better than the Ennegram test. But I agree with this test calling me the giver, and us INFJs got that type in their top four.

-Goldie Rose


Dear Curious,

Here are my results from the Truity test:

Type 2 (72%), Type 3 (66%), Type 4 (53%).

Here are my results from the 9Types test:

Type 2 (8 points), Type 4 (6 points), and Types 5 and 9 tied (5 points).

Like guppy of doom, Goldie Rose, and Guesthouse, I’m (usually) an INFJ. 




Dear satisfaction brought it back,

I don't really resonate with these results. Funnily enough I'm also an INFJ like Guesthouse and I agree with her that the MBTI type does a better job at describing me.


Type 5 (7 points) - The Thinker. The perceptive, cerebral type.

Type 8 (6 points) - The Leader. The powerful, aggressive type.


Type 7 (75% match) - The Enthusiast. 

Types 3 and 1 (70% match each) - The Achiever, The Perfectionist.

Type 2 (64.5% match) - The Giver.

-guppy of doom


Dear Curious,

I've never been a fan of personality tests because either they are not at all accurate or they are TOO accurate and I don't like getting called out like that. I've never taken an Enneagram test before but here are my results from the first test I took (truity.com):

Type 5 (69% Match)

Type 4 (69% Match) 

Type 9 (64% Match) 

And here are my results from the second test (9types.com):

Type 7 (7 Points)

Type 5, Type 4, and Type 2 (all 5 points)

I don't think I really see myself in any of the 'types' but do with that information what you will.



Dear Curious,

On the truity.com test, I received:

Type 5 (98% match)

Type 1 (88% match)

Type 8 (79% match)

On 9types.com, I received:

Type 5 (7)

Type 4 (5) 

Since we're comparing MBTI types as well, I'm ordinarily an ISTJ, though I come pretty close to the center on Sensing-Intuiting and Thinking-Feeling. I'm very much introverted and judgemental though.