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Question #92767 posted on 12/03/2019 3:36 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So who's your celebrity crush right now?

-Edward Cullen


Dear Ed, 

Coldplay's singing drummer extraordinaire Will Champion. He's so kind and handsome and he looks like he gives really good hugs. The band would be nothing without him. He might be tied with the bassist, Guy Berryman, who has aged like a good cheese and is totally the eye candy of the band. Plus he's quiet and cute. Hottest bassist ever, pretty much. 

And then of course, Kate Middleton and Kristen Bell are my eternal woman crushes. 


Guesthouse ☾☀


Dear Curious,

I think Blake Lively is perfection, and therefore she is my woman crush. Also the fact that her and Ryan Reynolds are an adorable couple, and they banter with each other all cute on social media. 



Look at how cute they are!!!

-Goldie Rose


Dear Edward,

I’m not usually one for celeb crushes, but have you seen Zendaya? Her. 




Dear Mr. Cullen,

You say “right now” but my crush on Emma Watson that started when I was 13 is still burning strong. Not only is she beautiful but she’s also an advocate for gender equality, a very talented actress, smart, and super hot. 

Emma, if you’re reading this, my email is fozzie@theboard.byu.edu



Dear Jacob,

Well Kristen Bell is practically perfect in every way, so obviously she's on my list. Also, if you haven't seen her sing the history of Disney with Jimmy Fallon yet, go watch it right now! It's so good!

David Tennant has been my celebrity crush since I was like 12 and first saw him in Doctor Who because I'm a nerd.

Chris Evans is the most superior Chris, and is super hot--he has a great face AND a great bod? What a guy. Plus from what I've seen of him online, he seems like a super hilarious and nice person in real life.

And currently I'm on a big Dan Levy kick, because that man is gorgeous and smart and well-spoken and so dang funny.



Dear orange traffic cone,

I hate myself for it, but Ariana Grande, just like 59 million other people. So mainstream. So pretty, just like Pretty Much Every Other Pop Star Girl™. I've noticed like five or six people I've been interested in (including other celebrities) roughly fall into the same "type" as Ariana. This includes Gal Gadot, who is a babe.

Emma Watson is cool, too, but with the self-partnering thing (you do you, Emma, we all just envious) I'm pretty sure the whole world just got friendzoned.

Historical crushes include The Mask of Zorro-era Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Any-Era Shakira.

As for man-crushes, I'll choose another clichéd choice, Chris Hemsworth. So muscular. So bearded.


--Ardilla Feroz


Dear Ed,

Jake Johnson is just completely and utterly my type, especially now that he's in Stumptown and has that amazing beard.

Also William Jackson Harper is quite possibly the cutest man on the entire planet.

Dan Levy is also exceedingly beautiful.

And finally, may I present to you....


Possibly the most gorgeous woman on earth!!!

-Quixotic Kid


Dear sparkly Cedric, 

I don't know if Against the Current is big enough yet to qualify for celebrity status (they definitely ought to be, in my mind), but I am unashamedly in love with Chrissy Costanza and have been ever since 2E and I went to see them perform in 2016. I have no clue what my type is, but she's probably pretty close. It doesn't hurt that she's a talented singer and Against the Current has put out two of my favorite songs of all time.

No, this ad was not paid for.




Dear you,

David Tennant will forever have a special place in my heart. But honestly the celebrity that I shall always love above all others is Audrey Hepburn. No one else can compare, and her levels of class are my dream goals.


P.S. She still counts as a my current celeb crush because she is immortalized, so don't give me anything about her (tragically) no longer having a physical presence in this world.


Dear EC,

First and foremost, Chris Pine. So attractive.

I wouldn't call these crushes necessarily, but Cobie Smulders and Paul Rudd. I have been blessed enough to meet both of them and they were incredibly kind and gracious people.

I'm mildly embarrassed by this one, but Robert Pattinson might make the list.

Around my birthday one year as a teenager, I  unexpectedly received a package in the mail from two of my aunts. They had never bought me a birthday present before and had given me no warning that they planned to do so. Grateful but confused, I opened the gift to discover a Robert Pattinson calendar.

That was the only time in my life that I laughed so hard I cried.

However, in honor of that perplexing but glorious present, my family proceeded to purchase a Robert Pattinson calendar each subsequent year. And I don't know, I just got used to seeing his beautiful face around.