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Question #92768 posted on 11/17/2019 11:05 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So this was asked a while back but all of the board writers must be new since then. What's your opinion on Jesus being married in mortality? Did he have any kids? Were the kids 1/4 God then? Also any chance of Jesus being a Polygamist? Was Joseph Smith descended from Jesus?

-Short Creeker


Dear Short Creeker,

I don't have an opinion and I'm not going to speculate because I don't think it matters. I'm hoping that we can all focus more on being Christlike than on whether Jesus was married or had any kids.

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear Shawty,

I think just because Christ's marriage isn't in the Bible, doesn't mean it didn't happen. It could have been included, but it was taken out.

I don't really have any doctrine to back it up other I than I read this article recently. The prophet and apostles have been talking about the new and everlasting covenant and how we should all try to obtain it. It's not just temple marriage, it's all of the covenants together. Since we're trying to obtain it, I feel like Christ would be the perfect example of obtaining it himself, which means he had a temple marriage.

When it comes to all the other things, I'm not opinionated enough. I really like guppy of doom's response about Christ having kids, since it makes a lot of logical sense to me.

-Goldie Rose


Dear Shortstop, 

I think most of us will be on... mostly the same page here. Also keep in mind, of course, that all this stuff is esoteric doctrine, so regardless of what our opinions are, it doesn't change anything. 

Yes, I think Jesus was married. If he is the perfect example for us and he is next to God, he is the WAY for us to be exalted, and in order for us to be exalted, we have to be married/sealed. Jesus wouldn't be exempt from that law. He would have to have an eternal companion to be perfectly exalted too, right? Just follows logically for me. Plus, it makes me happy to see other people happy in their marriages, and I would be glad to imagine Jesus as happily sealed to an eternal companion too. If Jesus is God's son and our brother, I would expect that love for a spouse is something that he too was meant to feel and experience, so he could know that and be like us as well. If this ever was in the Bible and they erased any evidence of it, I'd be very disappointed. If it never was in the Bible, I'd also be disappointed, because that seems important to me. The fact that it isn't taught at all is still odd to me. I eagerly await the official answer. (And no, I do not think they would have erased the evidence to protect the sacredness of his wife, Mary Magdelene or otherwise. God doesn't support the erasure of women, and I will fight for that belief.) In any case, I think there is at least a bit of evidence to suggest that Jesus might have been married, and it theologically and philosophically makes sense to me. 

To the rest of your questions, no. I don't think he had children. If he did, I don't think they would be demigods, because the explanation of the divinity of Jesus and what makes him part of the Godhead does not give me logical reason to expect that his offspring, if they existed, would be demigods in the sense that they would have some sort of... power? or anything? Complicated stuff there. No, I don't think Jesus had more than one wife. And no, I don't think Joseph Smith is a direct descendant of Jesus. I just don't. If I found out any of these things WERE true, my testimony or faith wouldn't be shattered. You can't argue with Jesus. 


Guesthouse ☾☀


Dear shorty,

  1. I'm leaning towards yes.
  2. No. Considering how obsessed humans have been with lineages and kings ruling due to royal blood, I think it'd be impossible for Jesus' children to be erased from history. Someone would have tried to set them up as the next prophet/demigod.
  3. This is definitely another reason he didn't have kids. Demigods mess things up, yo.
  4. I don't think so, based on quotes from the Bible about church leaders having "one wife" and statements in the Book of Mormon decrying polygamy. Also the main reason we have to believe that he was polygamist comes from quotes from LDS men in the nineteenth century who believed the only way to get into the highest level in the Celestial Kingdom was to practice polygamy. Seems more like they were trying to justify their own actions.
  5. No.

-guppy of doom


Dear person,

If Jesus was a polygamist, I hope I go to hell.



Dear you,

I believe Jesus has to get married/potentially already is, but I don't think that marriage occurred during his mortality. There are a few reasons for this.

  1. I think a marriage would be at least as prepared for as a baptism. In the scriptures, there was a special person who's calling was literally to baptize Jesus: John the Baptist. It only makes sense to me that for Jesus's sealing, there would likewise be a prophesied sealer to perform it. Yet we hear nothing about a foreordained sealer for Jesus.
  2. Jesus is our exemplar in everything. Marital covenants are crucial to eternal life, and so if Jesus had gotten married while in mortality, then he would have made a point of exemplifying it (i.e. his wife would be publicly recognized as his wife). 
  3. There are no records about Jesus ever getting married. Even with blatant sexism filtering what stories got passed down, I can't believe that a random woman who came to wash Jesus's feet would be included, but somehow every single reference to his wife would be erased.

Really, the basis of my beliefs boil down to the fact that we have no evidence of Jesus having a wife, but it is highly, highly unlikely for Jesus to have had a wife, and all traces of her be so completely hidden.


P.S. No, I don't believe that Jesus will be a Polygamist