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Question #92774 posted on 11/21/2019 9:29 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What do you do when you're bored at work?



Dearl Hal,

Check the Board.

-Alta (taking a Board break after a long day of teaching)


Dear HALP,

Not work. I work when I want, and if I don't want to work anymore, I don't. The perks of working at home and part time. Basically I'm really unhelpful when it comes to this question, sooo I'm going to tell you about my previous jobs!

When I worked at a kids theme park, I would do the beginning safety spiel over the intercom in different accents to entertain myself. It made my coworkers laugh, and sometimes the kids too if they were actually paying attention to me. I would also sneakily text people when the ride was going.

When I worked at Hobby Lobby as a cashier, I would try to make up in my head what the customer is doing with their random craft bits. If the customer seemed friendly, I would ask them their plans for what they were buying. I would then stow away their ideas if I liked them and wanted to do the craft myself.

I worked at BYU with a professor as an office assistant/teacher's assistant. We'd work in the office a lot and if I wasn't completely interested with what my boss was talking about, I would try to be overly silly and smiley with my personality.  Since sometimes he could be too serious and need to smile. Then he'd tell me to cut it out every time (part of our usual banter) but lighten up and smile. Or I'd mention I was hungry and we'd go to the vending machines and buy snacks (he kept extra coins in his desk for me to buy snacks, bless).

While I was in class with all of the students (I'd be sitting in the front), I would mouth the answers to them nonchalantly if it was a hard question. It was hilarious since some students picked up on it right away and would know to look at me if they didn't know it. But some never caught on... Of course, the professor knew I was doing it so sometimes I would cover my mouth with my hand so he couldn't see me actually mouth the answers. If he looked at me I would pretend I wasn't doing anything and look around the room. That usually got a laugh out of the students who knew what was going on.

Also, concerning pop quizzes- I asked my students to doodle on the back of their pop quizzes if they had extra time. It was super fun to see their doodles as I graded their quizzes. 


These two Homestarrunner doodles were from the same day, but different people. I got Trogdor a lot! 







One of my personal favorites. Makes me think of Hercules!

-Goldie Rose


Dear Halped,

It depends. If there's a boring meeting I have to attend, then there's not much to do but get through it. However, when it's just something that I don't need to be paying attention to other people for, and doesn't require me to think too hard, then I'll turn on a podcast. That way I get to be entertained, but am still getting done what needs to get done.



Dear friend, 

Most of the time I'll chat it up with my coworkers. If not that, I'll peruse the Board. When I'm not feeling either, Pinterest tends to be my solace. 

That being said, I'm not bored often at work, because I'm always listening to podcasts while I work on my written transcriptions, which tends to keep my brain pretty entertained. 


Guesthouse ☾☀


Dear you,

It depends on the job. 

I've spent a lot of time playing solitaire or 2048, both games that help pass the time but can be easily shut down when necessary. When I worked in a call center, I would bring books and magazines with me, so I got a lot of reading done. My coworkers and I once successfully watched three movies in a single shift with very little actual work to accomplish.

Historically I've also worked on Board Questions. A few years ago I wrote an answer counting the rhyming pairs in LDS hymns to determine the most common rhymes, and that was accomplished almost solely during working hours.




Dear reader,

I work at the library, and they are pretty strict about employees not doing homework or anything non-work-related during shifts. They suggest that if you don't have anything to do, you should transcribe documents for Special Collections. I know some library employees who think this is the worst, but I actually love it. I've ended up reading some pretty cool stuff. I'm pretty sure anyone with a netID can do it. The website is transcribe.lib.byu.edu.