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Question #92776 posted on 11/20/2019 9:32 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Date night ideas for Salt Lake City/Salt Lake county? I've seen some here for the Provo area but I moved to Sandy and my boyfriend and I are starting to run out of things to do. Little-known is good.

-Ford Prefect


Dear IX, 

Here are some of my favorite things to do in SLC that might make for a good date night depending on your idea of a good time: 

-Salt Lake Film Society: They have two locations and are a nonprofit art house cinema that shows a lot of indie, international, and independent films. 

-Pretty Bird: I like their fried chicken sandwich. That is all. 

-Jazz at the Rabbit Hole: If you like jazz, this place is a great time. If you don’t like jazz, then uh, would not recommend. 

-Tavernacle Social Club: I haven’t been but a friend told me that their dueling piano shows are a lot of fun. 

-Ruth's Diner: Their food is pretty good but my favorite part is reading stories about their founder Ruth while I’m there. In almost every picture Ruth has a cigarette and apparently she had chihuahuas who liked biting frat boys. Incredible. 

-Cooking classes at Harmons: Some of the classes are a little more expensive for a date night but if you like cooking or baking, it's a lot of fun. 

-Craft Lake City: Soon they’ll have their holiday market up in Ogden but they also have various crafty workshops. 

-Now Playing Utah: This website is great for finding arts and cultural events in Utah. 

-Edison Street Silent Movies: They play silent movies accompanied by a live organist.

-The Bee Storytelling: Similar to the Moth StorySLAM, once a month the Bee has a community storytelling event where they have a theme and anyone can submit their name for a chance to tell a 5-minute story based on the theme. 



Dear Prefect,

Now I've never done any of these things, but this is what Google showed me:

-Goldie Rose


Dear Aziraphale,

These are just a couple of suggestions, but The Root Beer Store recently opened in Sandy and I can confirm it is wonderfully charming, and has absolutely amazing root beer. Seriously, there are over 100 different types of sodas to choose from (I can now vouch for the Cinnamon Ginger Vanilla root beer). Sandy is also ridiculously close to the mountains. There are so many gorgeous hikes right here. Like the one I went on some weeks ago and took this picture at.


Just saying--if you like the outdoors, Sandy is a great place to be.