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Question #92797 posted on 02/11/2020 9:10 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What happened to the old 'ghost' chair that was in the Harp Room on Level 4 of the HBLL? Did the librarians get rid of it when they remodeled the room, or has it simply been moved to another location?

-The Person Who Really Needs a Photo of That Chair



I have good news and bad news. Let's start with the bad news:

The first piece of bad news is not actually news: I held this question over by a frankly embarrassing number of hours. You see, I had never heard of this "ghost chair" before you asked this question. But I am a sucker for ghost stories and urban legends I don't actually believe in. What, a chair that magically replaces itself once it's been moved? Sounds weird. Weirder, still: despite having what I believe to be above-average googling skills, somewhere between 30-45 minutes of searching yielded no picture of the chair. 

Ain't no way there's an entire legend about this dumb chair and no picture of it exists.

So, perhaps a little overly determined, and definitely way too busy to be holding onto a question like this, I kept the question over hours. So then, you ask: was the waiting in vain?

...well, yes and no.

No, because of the following conversation:


Scene 1. It is late afternoon, and Josefina is almost ready to give up, on account of how she's talked to quite a few people, almost none of whom have been able to provide much more information than what was readily available in a Daily Universe article. But she has one more lead to exhaust before she can go home.


Josefina: (In a chipper tone) Hi! Sorry, this is a weird ask. But I'm looking for information about the ghost chair from the Harp Room, and I heard you might have some.

Employee: (Politely) Sure! It depends on what you're looking for; we only have some very basic information.

J: Well, my end goal is either a picture of the chair or its current location, but I'll take anything you've got.

E: Well, we have a picture and its current location. 

J: (Josefina almost loses her mind) Really?? (She collects herself) Where is the chair? I heard it wasn't in the Harp Room anymore.

E: It's in the Harp Room. Give me your email; I'll send you a picture.

End scene.


Library HR department to the rescue!! I guess it's easy, if you just know who to talk to. Readers, feast your eyes on The Ghost Chair:


(Anticlimactic? I thought so too. I was picturing a throne. Or at least a cool old armchair or something. Oh, well.)

Unfortunately, I've now got to deliver the second piece of bad news: I was unable to locate the chair. Trust me, I looked for it. Talked to people. I went to the music desk three separate times, until I was finally able to find someone willing to let me into the Harp Room, where the nice employee told me the chair was located. But every chair in that archive looks disappointingly like this:



Sorry for taking so long. Enjoy your picture of the chair!




Dear Person,

I'm curious as to why your first reaction was "oh, somebody must have moved the ghost chair" instead of "it's a ghost chair, it comes and goes as it pleases, beholden to no corporeal master."

I'm just saying.

-Frère Rubik, respecter of library ghosts