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Question #92807 posted on 12/13/2019 6:10 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are you thankful for?

- turkey


Dear Gobbler, 

Like Tipperary, I have to stick to my go-to because I'm the most grateful for Pebble and that's just how it be. I'm grateful that he's a good communicator, that he's super handsome, he makes me laugh all the time, and that he knows how to help me calm down when I'm stressed. 

I'm also grateful for awesome professors, new opportunities, and my new/old bishop (I'm at home with my family, so it's the home ward) who knows how to help people through stuff that's hard. 

Also, I'm grateful for myself too. Not in a conceited way, but because I'm trying to be grateful for my personality. I'm a planner, I'm organized, and I bring good things to the world. I need to remember that sometimes too. 


Guesthouse ☾☀


Dear Turkey,

This year I'm thankful I safely made it to and fro from my Thanksgiving destination. We drove about 11 hours both way through a snowstorm to get to my in-laws' house, and saw about 5 cars that had flipped over on the side of the road. In one of those instances they were pulling people out of the upside down car, and that's a scary thing to see as you're driving on icy roads. But we made it there safely, and we made it back safely, and I'm very very grateful for good winter tires.

I'm also thankful for a fulfilling job, and a comfortable mattress and great pillow, and pie, and playing tag with nieces and nephews, and Christmas music, and cozy sweaters, and good books, and all sorts of other things that I don't have time to even list.



Dear ham is clearly superior,

I am grateful for:

  • heating pads
  • stretchy leggings
  • fuzzy socks
  • my pregnancy pillow
  • good quality, used baby furniture
  • DI for cheap maternity clothes
  • a loving husband who helps me do things that I'm incapable of doing (like bending down to grab something)
    • massages from loving husband to help with aches and pains
  • professional prenatal massages -drool-
  • warm bubble baths with Epsom salt
  • my amazing in-laws
  • lactase pills so I can give into my cravings
  • our apartment
  • loving husband's job
  • Google so I can figure out if certain pregnancy symptoms are normal or not
  • Christ's atonement since I know he's felt EXACTLY how I feel... it's reassuring. Bless him.

-Goldie Rose


Dear turkey,

I'm go straight up cheesy here and say my girlfriend. It's cliche but it's the truth. It looked like she wasn't gonna be able to spend Thanksgiving with us because of work but at the last moment she was able to get work off! It was so much fun hanging out with her and my family! Plus the Thanksgiving break was much needed. I had fun, got a break, and gained like 3 pounds from all of the delicious food. I see that as an absolute win.




Dear Turkey,

I just moved into a new apartment that feels so much lighter and happier, plus I have my own bathroom.

I have less than six months to go before I'm done with school, hopefully forever.

I have a job that I enjoy and where I feel like I'm constantly learning and improving.

I have people in my life that I look up to and admire, and that encourage me to be a better person.




Dear you,

I am so thankful for so many things. I'm especially grateful for my awesome parents who are eternally supportive of me, and always there when I need them. I don't know how many times I've called my mom since living on my own practically hyperventilating with anxiety because I don't know how to adult. I'm grateful that I love my job, and that because of it, I can afford to live in a nice apartment and build a nice home for myself.

I'm also very grateful for different stages of life, and for not stagnating.



Dear you,

I’m grateful for a lot of things, but here are the ones on my mind right now:

1) Getting to go home and see family for Thanksgiving break was so needed.

2) Having my sister in Provo with me. I went to see her yesterday and she surprised me with a beautiful painting she made for me. Plus, I got to vent to her about a tricky situation I’ve stumbled into and she was so sweet and understanding. She just gets it

3) I have excellent friends and roommates. This semester has been kind of awful for me, but it would have been twice as hard if I didn’t have my friends to help me out, encourage me, and stick with me while I fall apart.

Thanks for this question. I’ve been struggling this past week, and it’s good for me to remember the things that are going right in my life.




Dear reader,

Clearly I'm grateful for many, many things, but on Thursday before pie with my extended family, I said I was grateful for my brand new, very nice, very warm winter coat. And indeed I am. Hopefully it will make me hate winter just a little less. 




Dear you,

My beautiful wife and our daughter. 

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear you,

Rain. It's finally raining in California and I didn't realize how much I missed this cool liquid pouring down from the sky and giving my car a free wash.

-guppy of doom


Dear Turkey,

I am thankful for my family, therapy, and noise-canceling headphones.



Dear peasant,

I'm glad I have the time and money to travel. I'm glad I've been able to continue making friends in the past couple of years, after I graduated and my existing network of friends pretty much exploded. I've been grateful to make friends in work and outside of it. Some of these friendships aren't necessarily easy and probably they're imbalanced, and may not last as long as I'd like, but even if they were to just abruptly end now, I'd be happy for the time I'd been able to spend with people who seem to like spending time with me. 

I'm also happy I can practice at things and get better at them. Particularly, I like getting better at Beatsaber on the Oculus Rift S, where my ability serves no practical purpose, but shows me how practicing at something leads me to improve at it, and helps me learn how to focus, and focus on the most important thing in life: bisecting blocks with virtual lightsabers to the tune of "Better Faster Stronger" by Daft Punk.
If I can improve at this key task, who knows what else I can accomplish? So I done spent a day and learned the Farsi alphabet, and surely the rest of that ancient and expansive language can be gained in, like, a week tops.
I kid. It'll take at least a month to reach some level of conversational fluency, but I'm not holding my breath. Stupid language learning. You never actually finish and you can learn stuff rapidly and forget it even faster. I'm not grateful for that.

I'm grateful that earlier to-day my wisdom teeth done been popped out and made me quite like a defanged skunksore, but unharmed and pungent as ever.

For puns, plants and fruit, I'm moste grapeful, and I find I don't carrot all if it puts those around me in a pickle and causes them to grown, nay, I relish it.

And I'm glad for the Board. It's afforded me a sense of belonging, however tenuous, that I've been able to cling to in some uncertain times. I'm glad I haven't been kicked off just yet, and more so I'm glad I've almost finished something that should have been done, like, a long freaking time ago. You'll see what I mean, soon enough.
And should that actually come to pass, I'll be


--Ardilla Feroz


Dear Turk,

Lactose-free ice cream

-Quixotic Kid